Teresa Giudice’s Holiday Plans Revealed As ‘RHONJ’ Star Is About To Go Home

Teresa Giudice is about ready to go home from jail and now her holiday plans are being revealed. After almost a year in jail, Teresa will get to be home with her girls and her husband, Joe. Radar Online shared that Teresa has big plans for this year and she finally gets to spend time with her family again. Teresa will be getting out of prison on December 23 and will be finished serving her time. Teresa will be under house arrest until February, though.

An inside source is sharing what Teresa Giudice has planned for the big day.

“Christmas has always been very special for the Giudices, but it’s even more so this year. This is going to be the last Christmas Teresa and Joe have together for four years once he goes away to prison. But they aren’t going to discuss it, and will instead focus on their time together.”

The source went on to explain that Teresa Giudice’s daughters are calling it a Christmas miracle. The fact that Teresa will be forced to stay home is actually a good thing because now the entire family will be there together and have plenty of time to bond. It sounds like it will be a great Christmas.

Teresa Giudice’s daughters will be getting plenty of gifts this year, too. The source shared that Teresa told Joe what to buy the girls and even made a few gifts for them while she has been in prison. Teresa may not be at home, but she still runs things and even told Joe exactly how she wants the house decorated when she gets home.

Teresa Giudice is also planning to enjoy the party in prison before she leaves.

“Before Teresa is released, there will be a Christmas party for the inmates at Danbury Correctional Facility, and she is excited to be a part of that as well. Of course she is more than thrilled to be leaving, but it’s also bittersweet as she has made some very good friends with the other ladies. Leaving that sisterhood is going to be hard for Teresa, especially since many of them still have years on their sentences.”

Once Teresa Giudice gets home, she will get a few months with Joe and then he is off to prison for four years. He could even end up getting deported when this is all over, but there is no word yet if this will happen for sure. If Joe leaves the country, it sounds like Teresa Giudice will follow her man.

Teresa Giudice will be coming home and dealing with a big pay cut from The Real Housewives of New Jersey when they start filming again. OK! Magazine shared that the ratings for the specials about Teresa and her family didn’t go as well as planned. Since the ratings were not very high, Bravo is cutting back on the paychecks that everyone will receive for the new season. They actually cut the budget for the entire season in half, which means all of the stars will be making less money, not just Teresa Giudice. This is not the first season that they have cut back the budget for this show.

The source shared that they are only spending about $3 million on the show and $1 million of that is going to Teresa Giudice’s paycheck. Melissa Gorga will get $750,000 of that, so not much is left over for the other women on the show.

Are you happy to hear that Teresa Giudice is coming home from prison? If you are curious to hear how things went for Teresa Giudice in jail, she has been busy writing a book while she was behind bars. This book will be out in 2016 and is titled, Turning the Tables: From Housewife to Inmate and Back Again.

[Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images]