WWE TLC: Preview And Updated Card For ‘WWE Tables, Ladders And Chairs’

With this week’s Raw and SmackDown done and over with, the WWE Universe can give their full attention to this Sunday’s WWE: TLC (or Tables, Ladders, and Chairs). A lot of the matches could go either way, and plenty of people are doing their best to make WWE TLC predictions. While the WWE World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus will defend the biggest prize in the game against Roman Reigns in a TLC Match in the main event, there are six other matches confirmed for WWE TLC.

As the Huffington Post noted, there is a lot of potential for this year’s WWE: TLC. Below is a match-by-match preview of every bout confirmed for this Sunday’s card — and a few that haven’t been confirmed.

  • Dolph Ziggler vs. Tyler Breeze (unconfirmed): Although there’s nothing listed at WWE.com’s official preview of TLC, these two met at Survivor Series last month, and the feud hasn’t died down. They’ve been going back-and-forth the last three weeks, and Breeze already has one PPV victory over the Showoff. If Prince Pretty does the job here, they can wrap their feud up — or prolong it even more — in the Royal Rumble Match next month.
  • Stardust vs. Titus O’Neil (unconfirmed): Titus has continually interrupted Stardust’s backstage promos, and has indicated recently that he wants to see the old Cody Rhodes. It’s not clear whether they will end up tagging or feuding, but this seems like the kind of match WWE is likely to put on the TLC Kickoff show.
  • Ryback vs. Rusev: This is the only confirmed match for Sunday’s card that doesn’t have a title on the line and doesn’t officially involve one or more of the three ingredients that make up TLC. Although Ryback was given a handicap match win over The Ascension on SmackDown, he’s been on a downward slope for months. Rusev, on the other hand, just recently returned to action, and not only has Lana by his side, but is a part of the suddenly hot League of Nations.
  • The Wyatt Family vs. ECW Originals — 8-Man Tag Team Elimination Tables Match: Bray Wyatt has gone back-and-forth from being hot and cold during his entire stint on the main roster. The current state of WWE feels almost like it did when they built up the stable wars in the early years of the Attitude Era. While the stipulation clearly favors the Dudley Boyz, Tommy Dreamer, and Rhyno, the Wyatt Family would benefit more from the victory.
  • Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. Jack Swagger — United States Championship Chairs Match: The confusing story of this feud is an example of how the WWE is currently scrambling to find anything that works. As John Cena took a hiatus, they brought in ADR and Zeb Coulter to help fill the void. They relieved Swagger from full-time Main Event and Superstars duty to feud with the Mex-Americans. Then, all of a sudden, ADR was a part of the League of Nations. He no longer needed Zeb, but his title match with Swagger was already booked. It will be interesting to see if Swagger or Coulter remain on Raw after this match.
  • Charlotte (c) vs. Paige — WWE Divas Championship Match: Clearly, WWE is building towards a Becky Lynch/Charlotte showdown. The only questions that remain are whether Paige will still be a part of the feud and whether Sasha Banks gets added to the mix.
  • Kevin Owens (c) vs. Dean Ambrose — WWE Intercontinental Championship Match: Two of the best in-ring workers, two of the best talkers and two of the most over Superstars on the WWE roster. Even without a stipulation, many people expect this to be the match of the night.
  • The New Day (c) vs. The Usos vs. The Lucha Dragons — WWE Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Ladder Match: While it’s technically just a “Ladders Match,” there is a lot to live up in the history of tag team triple threat ladder matches in WWE. If this match is anywhere near as epic as the original Hardy Boyz/Dudley Boyz/Edge & Christian matches, it could be the biggest match of their career for everyone involved.
  • Sheamus (c) vs. Roman Reigns — WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match: This will be the last PPV before next month’s Royal Rumble officially begins the “Road to WrestleMania.” Whoever holds the title at the end of the Rumble will generally be a part of WrestleMania‘s main event. While some argue that the odds favor Sheamus over Roman Reigns at WWE TLC, there’s a really good chance these two have a rematch next month, regardless of the outcome Sunday.

The WWE TLC Kickoff Show begins Sunday at 7/6c on the WWE Network. WWE TLC begins an hour later.

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