Duchess Kate's Haircut Wows Viewers As She Attends Charity Event With Prince William

After cutting her bangs a few months ago, the Duchess of Cambridge has surprised us again with a new, stylish look. Duchess Kate's haircut is described as being a long bob or "lob." As People magazine pointed out, Kate's new 'do is much shorter than we've seen on the royal throughout her many years, and she reportedly chopped off about four inches from her mane.

Kate showed off her new haircut Wednesday at a charity event in London. The Duchess attended the ICAP Charity Day with Prince William while wearing an emerald L.K. Bennett dress. According to the Daily Mail, the fundraising event sees the global brokerage firm donate a day's revenue and commissions to charity, with the staff dressing up to complete their trades.

Since the debut of Kate's haircut, the British tabloids have been striving to find similarities between Kate and her mother, Carole, with whom she now shares a similar hairstyle. Fashionista called the hairstyle the definition of a "Mom Haircut."

"She seems to have traded in her signature, bouncy mop for something a bit for manageable, which, in its very essence, is the definition of a Mom Haircut."
Meanwhile, Kelly Brandt, a hair stylist with Yves Durif at the Carlyle Hotel in New York City, gave her opinion on the haircut, and she released the following statement to Yahoo Parenting.

"We need to start changing the way that we think of the word 'mom' for hair," Brandt said. "Moms are admirable, they're role models, and the shorter length is just a style choice. The worst thing to do as a mother is to be stagnant with your style — Kate is a young, sexy mom and she deserves to change her look and inspire other women as well."

Brandt also said that Kate's new 'do "allows for more freedom of movement and is more practical for her daily activities."

"She has the luxury of pulling her hair into a ponytail and still having fringe on her face," Brandt, who is a mother of three, said. "She can wear a tiara with a beautiful upsweep, but this length also fits into her lifestyle for everyday running around. It's what I strive for with my mom clients — wearable cuts that you can dress up at night."

Stylist Tess Boyle, who used to cut Prince William's hair, has also analyzed the new haircut of the Duchess and stresses that "she still has enough length for her glamorous updo's and by keeping her fringe long, she can still wear her stunning tiaras."

"We absolutely love Kate's fresh new style - it looks fabulous now that she has taken a few inches off of the length," Boyle said. "By doing this in stages, she has eased herself into a change in style, which is the perfect way. The graduation on the ends of her hair makes it look thick and healthy, and the colour looks rich and glossy. She has had her fringe thinned slightly and altered the angle so that it sits off of her face. The whole style completely illuminates her now as opposed to hiding her features."

Kate was also recently spotted at the Queen's annual Diplomatic Reception in a chauffeur-driven Bentley wearing the stunning diamond and pearl Cambridge Lover's Knot tiara once owned by Princess Diana.
[Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images Entertainment]