‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Hearts Broken, Lies Confessed, And Some Incredible Performances

It was an emotionally draining week on General Hospital as soap fans watched some heartbreaking moments between a few of their favorite characters on the ABC daytime drama. There were breakups, hearts broken, and plenty of tears happening. All of this drama brought on some great acting.

Sam Morgan finally realized that Elizabeth had known for months that her fiancé was really Sam’s husband, Jason, and that caused quite a ripple effect. Jason, Elizabeth, Sam, Patrick, and especially little Emma Drake were left with broken hearts. General Hospital captured their “moment of the day” on the official Twitter account as the moment when Jason Morgan walked out on Elizabeth after finding out that she knew the truth for months.

This whole mess started with her lies and now it has all come crashing down on her and everyone involved. Liz tried her best to make Jason understand why she did what she did, but he wasn’t having it. It seemed that he said to her what everyone watching General Hospital had been asking themselves for months. Didn’t he deserve to know the truth and shouldn’t she trust him to make his own decision? How could she keep his son, Danny, from his father? How could she keep Sam from knowing that her husband was alive?

At the exact same time as Elizabeth was telling Jason the truth, Patrick was breaking off his engagement to Sam. He realized that he could never compete with the kind of love she has for Jason. She finally agreed to leave with Danny in tow.

Right at that moment, Emma came prancing into the house, excited to find out what date her dad and future mom had set for their wedding. That made it all the more heartbreaking for them. Sam and Patrick broke the news to her that they were not getting married after all and that Sam and Danny were moving out.

Then came the most heart-wrenching scene of the whole General Hospital episode when Emma cried and begged Sam to stay. The poor little girl had to endure her mom not being around for her. She also lost the chance of having Sabrina Santiago as her mom when Robin came back and broke up their wedding. Then Robin left again and her parents get divorced. Now that she had gotten close to Sam and was excited to think she would finally have a mom who would be around for her, it all fell apart.

Emma sobbed in her daddy’s arms when Sam left and you can bet that many General Hospital fans were doing the same. She begged to call her mommy and Patrick finally let her do that. Hearts were breaking even more as she pleaded with Robin to come home because she needed her. Robin was doing some begging of her own as Jerry Jacks came strolling in with news of Helena’s death and that she was not needed anymore. He was going to dispose of her, but ended up giving her another 48 hours to do what she was there to do.

This was just the beginning of what is expected to be the rescue of Robin Scorpio before Jerry can come back to kill her. Emma’s heartbreaking phone call to her mom will set off the events before actor Jason Thompson leaves General Hospital.

One thing is for sure, there was some wonderful acting coming from Billy Miller, Rebecca Herbst, Jason Thompson, and Kelly Monaco. Perhaps the most memorable performance was from Brooklyn Rae Silzer. Many fans hope that she will stick around after her TV parents leave Port Charles.

After Elizabeth was forced to spill the truth, she and Nikolas Cassadine will have to face the wrath of everyone. Celebrity Dirty Laundry dished that Jason will go after Nik big time. Oh, and there also Carly who will be raging against Liz when she finds out.

What did you think of this Thursday’s episode of General Hospital? Did you think Elizabeth deserves whatever she gets?

[Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images]