Dole Salad Recalled Due to Possible Contamination, Walmart, Kroger Labels Affected

Dole has recalled more than 1,000 cases of salad, marketed under private labels at Walmart and Kroger, after possible contamination with Listeria — the bacteria that causes the food-borne illness listeriosis — came to light.

All the recalled Dole salad has a use-by date of June 19th, making it highly unlikely any more is available for sale in any outlets. Fresh produce blog The Packer has been covering the Dole salad recall, and notes that while the recall was initiated June 23rd, news of the situation did not hit the Food Drug Administration’s website until June 25th — although Dole’s Vice President of marketing of brand development and marketing, Marty Ordman, says retailers were made aware on June 23rd of the recall.

According to a news release from Dole, the salads were distributed in six states — Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia — and all under Walmart’s Marketside or Kroger’s Fresh Selections brands. The release indicates that the following items were affected by the Dole salad recall, and a “possible health risk from Listeria monocytogenes” was cited:

“Kroger Fresh Selections Greener Supreme coded N158 211B 1613 KR04 with Use-by date of June 19 and UPC 11110 91039, Kroger Fresh Selections Leafy Romaine coded N158 111B KR11 with Use-by date of June 19 and UPC 11110 91046 and Wal Mart Marketside Leafy Romaine coded N158111B with Use-by date of June19 and UPC code 81131 02781.”

Listeria contamination is a food-borne illness that can cause fever, diarrhea, achiness and general malaise, and while it is not a serious threat to healthy people, the elderly, the very young, and those with compromised immune systems can fall seriously ill if infected.

The Dole salad recall does not affect any other Kroger Fresh Selections or Walmart Marketside varieties.