Louis Tomlinson: Is The Media Mounting A Hate Campaign Against 1D Star?

One Direction star Louis Tomlinson is not exactly a stranger to the gossip columns. As a rule, media speculation has tended to focus on who Louis is dating or some similar fluff. In recent months, however, there seems to have been a turnaround in how Tomlinson is portrayed in the media. It seems that, in the later half of this year, media coverage about Tomlinson has turned overwhelmingly negative. This is something that has become apparent since the Sun broke the story that Briana Jungwirth was having Tomlinson’s baby.

Rumors about Tomlinson’s impending fatherhood began to emerge in July and Louis rather awkwardly confirmed the rumors on Good Morning America in early August. As we previously reported in Inquisitr, it is believed that Louis has banned reporters and interviewers from asking questions about baby Tomlinson. Since the news about baby Tomlinson broke, it seems that Louis has become more and more reclusive, and this seems to have coincided with a steady stream of negative stories about the One Direction star.


At the end of July numerous outlets, including the Daily Mail, reported that Tomlinson’s natural father, Troy Austin, was about to drop a bombshell that would blow Louis’ family apart. Tomlinson is estranged from Austin, and the implication was that Louis’ dad would harm Louis reputation if the relationship wasn’t repaired.

In October, The Mirror, amongst others, reported that Louis had been kicked out of a Newcastle hotel after reportedly “trashing” his room. It later transpired that Louis was on a night out with his sister and her friends and may not even have been resident at the hotel in question.

Shortly after the hotel story broke, Dan Wootton of the Sun put Louis firmly center-stage when he claimed that Tomlinson was one of the major reasons that One Direction are headed for a lengthy break. The Sun claimed that Tomlinson and Harry Styles had a major fallout in 2012 and could barely stand to be in the same room. The Sun claimed that “rivalry, drug use, and hatred” had torn One Direction apart.

Over the past few days, Tomlinson has once again been in the firing line. A host of outlets, including Heatworld, have claimed that Louis is dating The Originals starlet Danielle Campbell. Louis and Danielle have been spotted together on a couple of occasions, most recently when they went for a milkshake with friends.

Inevitably, claims that Louis was dating Danielle led to a rush of stories branding Louis a “love rat” who was cheating on his baby mama Briana Jungwirth. Claims that Louis had dumped his pregnant girlfriend first emerged in “an exclusive” in Life and Style. It was even suggested that Briana had been expecting Louis to propose marriage before the arrival of baby Tomlinson. The point that seems to have been missed is the fact that there is simply nothing to suggest that Louis was ever dating Briana. If Jungwirth is having Tomlinson’s baby, the pregnancy resulted from the briefest of relationships, perhaps even from a one night stand.


This morning, the U.K. tabloids are once again taking aim at Louis Tomlinson. The Mirror reports that Tomlinson “got stroppy” and threw his iPhone across the studio when it rang during pre-recording for Alan Carr’s Chatty Man, a show that will air this evening.

The Daily Mail claims that an embarrassed Alan Carr was left to retrieve Tomlinson’s phone from the other side of the studio. When Carr asked Louis why he had thrown the phone, Tomlinson claimed that the call would be from “my mum and she will be really embarrassing.”


The Sun claims that Louis and his bandmates were awkward and “stroppy” throughout the interview with Carr. They reportedly even refused to take part in a “dance off” with Harry Styles saying, “None of us are dancers. It wouldn’t make sense for us to dance.”

It is also claimed that Tomlinson called band-mate Niall Horan a “little s**t” for changing some words in a song they had written together.

The one bright spot in press coverage about Tomlinson in recent months came in August when the Mirror and others highlighted the massive $3 million donation that Louis made to support Believe In Magic, a charity that raises funds to help children with serious and terminal illnesses.

Are you a fan of One Direction? What do you think of the way the press has portrayed Louis Tomlinson recently.

[Photo by Joel Ryan/Invision/AP]