Angry Mom Allegedly Threatened To ‘Blow Up And Shoot Up’ Daycare

An Angry Connecticut mom is making headlines after she reportedly suffered an emotional outburst while having an issue at Discovery Zone Learning Center. New York Daily News reports that 36-year-old Kristy Ellison has been charged with a handful of crimes associated with the incident, which took place last Friday.

CBS News reports that Ellison was “upset over an administrative issue,” when she allegedly flew off the handle and began threatening staff at the Discovery Zone Learning Center in Hebron. During her emotional tirade, the angry mom reportedly told staff that she was going to “blow up and shoot up” the daycare center, where an unspecified number of children were enrolled.

Workers at the daycare center took the alleged threats seriously, and called the police on the woman, who left the scene of the altercation at that time. She reportedly turned herself in to authorities to face the consequences for what she allegedly said — which authorities in Connecticut are calling a “very violent threat.”

Kristy Ellison has been charged with second-degree breach of peace and second-degree threatening. She was released from jail on $5,000 bond, and is now free — where she can see how viral her story is going on the internet. On social media, people are outraged that a mother would make such a violent threat on a place where numerous children are intended to be kept safe from harm. Local parents are angry as well, which is why police have put security at the Discovery Zone Learning Center in wake of Ellison’s alleged threats.

Her loved ones say that she’s a “good mother” who simply “got a little too emotional.” Meanwhile, others are speaking out against her alleged actions, declaring that there is no excuse for threatening to shoot up and blow up a daycare center — especially during a time of heightened fear surrounding mass shootings and terrorist attacks. This is not the first time a parent has “gotten a little too emotional” and made threats of this nature. Earlier this year, another angry mom made headlines when she allegedly threatened to bomb her daughter’s high school, simply because the teen did not pass all of her exams needed to graduate.

Karen Shearon pleaded not guilty, denying that she made the threats. Also this year, a California mom was convicted and sentenced to a year in jail, along with three years probation, after she threatened to shoot up Lakeside Elementary School. Earlier this year a Montana dad caused a scene at a Helena daycare facility when he allegedly assaulted a worker who refused to release his children into his custody. The father in question was barred from having contact with his kid at the time. This case went viral over the fact that the alleged assault victim took quite a beating while she protected the children from the drunken man.

The anger expressed by locals and outsiders in this latest case isn’t ill-placed. Ever since the Sandy Hook shooting, and other recent mass shootings, a very clear and present fear has existed for children. With both foreign and domestic terrorism dominating media headlines, it was just in extremely poor taste for this angry mom to “go there,” with her emotional outburst. If she truly did threaten to “blow up and shoot up” the daycare center, then what kind of punishment could she face — or should she face?

[Photo: Connecticut State Police mugshot]