Return To Dallas Rumors Squelched By Philadelphia Eagles’ DeMarco Murray

A return to Dallas may not be in the cards after all for Philadelphia Eagles running back DeMarco Murray. The 2014 NFL rushing leader with the Dallas Cowboys, who signed a five-year, $40 million contract with the Eagles this offseason, has been the subject of swirling rumors by a variety of media outlets after his decision to take a private meeting with Philadelphia Eagles’ owner Jeffrey Lurie this week during a return flight from New England.

“Not at all,” said Murray of his desire to return to Dallas, where he has remained close with several of his former teammates. DeMarco Murray told CSN Philly, “I made a commitment to Jeff [Lurie], Chip [Kelly] and these guys in the locker room. I love this team, I love playing for this team, I love the fans.”

“When I signed on that dotted line I knew I was going to be here for a long time,” the former Dallas Cowboys player added.

DeMarco Murray made his return to the Eagles’ NovaCare Complex today to address local media regarding rumors of his dissatisfaction with his playing time, notions that he might prefer a return to Dallas, and other potential topics of discussion that he might have had during his private meeting with Lurie.

Eagles head coach Chip Kelly told CSN Philly that Murray — who ran for 115 yards and just under one touchdown per game last season with the Dallas Cowboys — was frustrated by his return of just 14 carries for 24 yards in the Eagles’ 35-28 win against the New England Patriots on Sunday. Kelly also noted, however, that the team was more concerned with winning football games than they were about winning any sort of rushing or other individual accolades. The former two-time Dallas Pro Bowler clarified Kelly’s words.

“I wouldn’t say I was disappointed. Obviously, we won the game so I thought I was happy for that. But every player wants the opportunity to contribute to the team, especially me as a competitor, to have a chance to go out there and work out and do what I can to help this team. It was a little different, but we won the game. That was the biggest thing.”

Following up on an ESPN report claiming that the former Dallas player had a lengthy discussion about his dissatisfaction with his role in the Eagles’ offense — and potentially even his desire to return to Dallas should he become contractually available — Murray noted that the private conversation during the team’s return airplane ride to Philadelphia from Providence, Rhode Island, was “between Mr. Lurie and myself.” The former Dallas rusher did note that he never actually sought out a conversation with Lurie; they sit next to one another during return flights.