Daniel Holtzclaw Verdict Is Out: Holtzclaw Found Guilty On 18 Counts

Daniel Holtzclaw’s court case has been going on for weeks, and today a jury finally came to a verdict. The former Oklahoma City police officer was charged with 36 counts, including sexual battery, stalking, and more. After 45 hours, the jury finally came to a decision on December 10, and Holtzclaw was found guilty on 18 of the 36 counts. The jury obviously took its time making up its mind.

Once the jury began deliberating, they were not allowed to go home and took breaks only when it got really late at night, but then started over again in the morning. News 9 shared the breaking news on their Facebook that Holtzclaw was found guilty. Oklahoma City television stations streamed live from the courtroom, showing Holtzlcaw obviously shaken by the announcement as the verdict was read. The jury recommend that he receive a total of 263 years in prison for these 18 counts.

Before reading the verdict, the judge reminded the court that they were not allowed to be disruptive in any way or they would be taken into custody. As Daniel Holtzclaw’s verdict was read, everyone did stay quiet and allow the judge to be heard. He slowly read all of the 36 verdicts, which revealed that Holtzclaw was guilty of 18 counts according to the jury. As they read the verdict out, Daniel Holtzclaw cried, shaking his head. When the judge was done, Holtzlcaw said, “I didn’t do it.” During the entire trial, Holtzclaw insisted that he was innocent and did not testify in his own defense.

CBS News shared that Daniel Holtzclaw’s attorney shared that Daniel was not denying having contact with these women while doing his job, but he was denying that he exploited them. Holtzclaw did admit to coming into contact with some of the women while working and even arresting some of them. Holtzclaw’s attorney questioned the credibility of several of the accusers during this trial. You can watch the verdict being read below.

They also described parts of the trial and what the victims said Holtzclaw did to them. The 17-year-old alleged victim testified that Holtzclaw searched her for drugs and then later raped her. Another woman said that Holtzclaw took her to an area that is abandoned and told her to either give him oral sex and intercourse or she would be going to jail. Prosecutor Gayland Gieger accused Holtzclaw of becoming “more bold, more brazen, and more violent” in the months leading up to the first accusation.

At this time, it is unknown exactly how long Daniel Holtzclaw will be in jail. He was sentenced to 263 years and will be heading back to jail at this time. Holtzclaw’s sentencing will happen on January 21, and this is when it will be decided if he can serve the time concurrently or consecutively. If Holtzclaw is allowed to serve his time concurrently, then he could be out in 30 years or less. If it is to be served consecutively, Holtzclaw will spend the rest of his life in prison.

News OK explained some of the actual cases that Holtzclaw was found guilty on tonight. There were eight different women that were involved in the cases that Daniel was found guilty on, which means he was found not guilty in the cases of five of the women involved. Four of the counts he was found guilty on were first-degree rape. Holtzclaw did receive 30 years for each of the rape cases.

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