‘Instagram Husbands’ Video Goes Viral: Check Out This Hilarious Video

The new video called “Instagram Husbands” is going viral, and it’s hilarious. It was just posted two days ago but already has almost 2 million views. If you are a husband that has a wife who loves social networks, then you will totally be able to relate to this new video. CNN shared about how “Instagram Husbands” shows how a lot of men feel when they are the ones taking the pictures of their wife so she can post them on Instagram. One line from the video pretty much says it all.

“Behind every cute girl on Instagram is a guy like me, and a brick wall.”

This video explains exactly how things work for a lot of husbands in the world. They go out with their wives who want to take a hundred pictures to make sure that they get the perfect one. Husbands everywhere have to take picture after picture so that their wife can upload the perfect pic on Instagram. Every woman wants to make sure their life looks perfect, and the perfect picture is part of making sure that happens. Missouri-based comedy group The Mystery Hour put together this video called “Instagram Husbands,” and the views and positive comments indicate that a lot of people are loving it.

One hilarious part of “Instagram Husbands” has a woman telling her husband to get higher and higher to take the picture. He is up really high, but nothing is good enough for her perfect picture. Comments on the video show that fans love this part, as well as the small clip about how they used to eat their food instead of just taking photos of it. When one man takes a drink, his wife gets very upset that they didn’t get the perfect Instagram photo before he took the drink out of his cup. You know that man will think twice before taking a drink in the future.

The video shows more than one husband dealing with this problem. Jeff’s wife has him taking pictures of her in front of a brick wall, and of course he has to do everything possible to get the best shot. This Instagram Husband is a busy man. One husband even teases that he had to delete all of the apps off of his phone just to make sure he had room for more pictures. Of course, those are the priority.

Elle shared that “Instagram Husbands” is more than just a video now, though. This has turned into a bigger thing, and husbands everywhere are bonding over their hilarious stories about the video. An online site called InstagramHusband.com is out there now, and men are sharing their stories. The things that they are coming up with are hilarious. One man shared, “She only speaks in emojis now, which is difficult, because my first language is human.” If you are looking for a good laugh, then you are going to find it there.

Of course, this video “Instagram Husbands” is just a funny video, but it honestly is true as well. There are a lot of women out there who do this to their husbands. Nobody looks amazing all the time, and you have to take 100 pictures to get the perfect one sometimes. Women everywhere will probably laugh the next time they ask their husband to take another photo for them.

Do you think that the video “Instagram Husbands” is hilarious? Are you one of these men who feels this way? If so, share your story below in the comments section and make sure you check out the forums just for husbands just like you.

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