Bindi Irwin Walks Red Carpet At AACTA Awards, Introduces Derek Hough To His Namesake

Dancing with the Stars winner Bindi Irwin is back home in Australia and enjoying her life since she won that mirror ball trophy with pro partner Derek Hough. Being with animals is her passion, but she is also taking time out to glam up as well.

According to The Daily Mail, Irwin walked the red carpet at the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA) Awards on Wednesday. She was looking quite fabulous wearing a black lacy dress by Alex Perry. Her blond hair was lifted up into a loose bun with soft strands hanging around her face. It was the perfect look for the 17-year-old.

In addition to attending this particular event, Bindi was also hosting a familiar face back at her home at the Australia Zoo. Derek Hough paid a visit to his dancing partner, and now good friend, to the place where magic seems to happen. While Derek was able to show Bindi his world these last few weeks, now she was able to show him her world, which just happens to be living among a whole bunch of creatures. She obviously adores her life at the zoo.


Bindi Irwin’s life is much different than Hough’s is in America, but that doesn’t matter because the pair seems to have fun learning all about how the other one lives. Derek told The Sydney Herald that he has been having a great time in Australia.

“It has been awesome to get to know somebody, to get to work with them and to become friends and then to see where she grew up. This is her home, this is her passion and it is cool to see first hand.”

Derek hung out with a few animals, but the coolest thing was that the 30-year-old dancer got to meet his namesake. Bindi had named a koala after him and Derek finally got the chance to meet the little guy. He sent out an adorable photo of him cuddling up with the furry Derek.

“Finally got to meet Derek Hough the Koala. Don’t tell anyone, but I’m stealing him and bringing him home with me.”

He seems to be quite impressed with koalas calling them cute and spilling that they even smell good. The Irwin family has been making him feel right at home. Even the scary Australian spiders seem to be welcoming him to their humble home, as seen in the pro dancer’s video he also posted on Instagram.

As for Bindi Irwin, she is planning on sticking with teaching others about conservation and wildlife wherever she can. She is following in her dad Steve Irwin’s footsteps. Ever since he died when she was quite young, Bindi has been working alongside her brother, Robert, and mom, Teri, to carry on his legacy.

Bind just recently dished to The Daily Mail Australia that her paternal grandfather, Bob, has not been in touch with the three of them ever since his son passed away. Even though it is a tough situation for Bindi and her family, she said that she understands and that everyone deals with grief differently. It sounds like she is not holding any grudges against her grandfather. She has a great outlook on life and takes every opportunity that comes knocking on her door.

Derek Hough often mentioned on Dancing with the Stars how much the young conservationist has changed his life. Bindi Irwin also feels the same way about him. She said that the whole dancing experience was something that has changed her forever.

[Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images for AFI]