Justin Bieber Delivers Surprise Monologue On ‘The Late Late Show,’ Wings It With New Tattoo

Who’s that boy? Justin Bieber was the surprise brief host of CBS’ The Late Late Show on Thursday night.

Rocking a new wings tattoo, preppy hair, and a suave Saint Laurent tuxedo, the pop icon performed the opening monologue and the titles after usual host James Corden relented on the latter.

Thanks to a mysterious tweet from Bieber, saying, “Got a new job. Thanks @JKCorden, later tweets from Corden promising a “huge” show, and a teaser video tweeted from The Late Late Show’s Twitter account, Bieber’s fans and fans of the show got a heads up that the singer would be making an appearance.

The Biebs also hinted at something special by sharing two Instagram selfies of himself in a tuxedo, while also debuting his new tattoo. More on that below.

When the show aired, the tuxedo-clad, interloping superstar walked out like a pro to cheers from the studio audience, before saying, “Lets do this! We got a big show! We got a big show tonight!”

Kicking off the traditional opening monologue after greetings, Bieber began with light political jokes.

“Today, President Obama revealed that his favorite song of 2015 was ‘How Much A Dollar Costs,’ by Kendrick Lamar.”

Cue laughter from the audience. Justin went in again, adding, “Not to be outdone, but Hillary [Clinton] revealed that her favorite song of 2015 was ‘Whatever Will Get You To Like Me.’”

A joke involving Yahoo, twins, and Gmail followed. Then, a set-up for a zinger, which Justin apparently wrote.

“I read that Jeb Bush’s super PAC spent over $50 million on his campaign. Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders has spent over $5 on his latest haircut.”

Check out the fun in the video below.

At that point, Corden crashed onto the set his dressing gown and head towel feigning outrage that his role as host had been usurped.

“What is going on?” the Brit demanded, before complaining about having his pre-show bath disturbed by hearing the house band playing the show’s opening music.

With two Carpool Karaokes under their belt, Corden and Bieber were quick on their feet with the banter, including James’ assertion that he and the Biebs looked “identical.” After the Biebs hammed apologies for taking over the monologue, Corden quipped back with the hook of the star’s “Sorry” single.

The host snarked, “Right, well, it’s too late to say “sorry.”

“Hey, hey, hey, what do you mean?” Bieber shot back, citing the title of his worldwide smash single.

“Well, now you’re just naming your own songs. So, that’s pathetic,” Corden replied.

To which, the heartthrob effected a repentant expression and told the host, “Can I be honest with you? I just, I really want to host my own late night show.”

That triggered Corden’s mock-anger rant, during which he told Bieber to get his “own show,” to “back off,” and to “get out.” He also faux-refused to allow the 21-year-old star to introduce the show titles.

The likely prompted studio audience booed Corden’s decision until, finally, he “gave in.” A jubliant Biebs punched the air before high-fiving one member of the audience and declaring (with hand gestures), “I’m Justin Bieber, and this is The Late Late Show!”

Meanwhile, as mentioned, hours before his appearance on the show the singer unveiled his new tattoo — a massive pair of wings on the back of his neck. Think David Beckham meets Rihanna. And now, Justin Bieber.

The new tattoo is reportedly the Biebs’ 52nd inking.

Justin’s first selfie shows him standing in front of a dressing room mirror wearing a Saint Laurent black tuxedo and white shirt with his back to the unseen photographer.

He captioned the snap, “New tattoo ).” It racked up over 915,000 “Likes” in two hours.

A wider view in a second pic shows the pop prince staring at his reflection in a full-length mirror and offers a closer look at the wings. The non-captioned shot racked up a million “Likes” in two hours.

Justin’s latest design was inked by veteran tattooist Dan Price, who posted a hint of what was to come on his Instagram account without revealing the identity of his mega-famous client.

Alongside a shot of an open laptop and a pic of the wings design, Price wrote, “I received a call last night informing me I would need to arrive at the Versace mansion at 4am this morning to tattoo a quite sought after individual… When you receive calls like this you follow directions, keep calm, and realize — “if this is really what I want out of life, I won’t ever be sleeping much.”

Elaborating, Price continued, “Sounds corny but this tattoo is obviously one that will stick in my mind as far as an experience and really just appreciating what I get to call my life.” Dan went on, “Appreciate the hospitality from the team and making us feel at home… Stay tuned to find out who will forever be rocking a tattoo of mine on his neck.”

Amid online speculation among some Justin Bieber fans last night as to why he was wearing a suit, the singer’s longtime stylist Karla Welch teased tweeting, “A little surprise coming.”

And it did, thanks to The Late Late Show.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]