Will The Long Island Serial Killer Ever Be Caught?

The FBI has reportedly joined the hunt for the Long Island Serial Killer, but will they be successful in tracking down the presumed multiple murderer of several women? The Daily American Reports that it has been five years since the remains of at least 11 people were found around Gilgo Beach.

It’s the fifth anniversary of the discovery of the first set of remains that are thought to be the victims of a serial killer. The new FBI involvement in the search for the presumed killer (or killers) has come as part of a routine review of “all current investigations within” the Suffolk County Police Department. The Deputy Police Commissioner for the department — Tim Simi — made the announcement of the FBI’s latest involvement, sharing sentiment that they could help solve this case.

“Law enforcement techniques, particularly with homicide investigations, are ever changing, and we wanted to ensure that we are doing everything we can to solve these murders.”

So who is the Long Island Serial Killer? Is it one person or multiple people who have used the Gilgo Beach area as a dumping ground for their murder victims? The very first discovery of dismembered human remains were made in 2010 while a K-9 officer was in the area with his cadaver dog. It was by chance that the officer and his dog were in the area, in order to stumble upon what would become one of the biggest murder mysteries in Long Island history. At the time, authorities were looking for then-missing woman Shannan Gilbert — whose remains were located among the 11 total sets of human remains, most of which were prostitutes.

New York Daily News reports that the Suffolk County Police Department has assured the public that this case will be solved.

“We are dedicated to doing everything we can to solve this case. Rest assured, this case remains active.”

Over the course of five years, the loved ones of at least 11 people have waited for the arrest of a suspect (or suspects). Meanwhile, there have never been any arrests, nor have there been any names mentioned as persons of interest or suspects.

Social media has taken an interest in the Long Island Serial Killer and the fact that this presumed serial killer has not yet been captured and identified. Even five years after the discovery of the first set of remains, discussion remains as active as ever about the case. That is especially since the latest development of the FBI getting involved in the hunt for the murderer.

Do you think the Long Island Serial Killer will ever be identified, or will this case go down as the most bizarre unsolved murder case in Long Island? Much like Jack the Ripper, the Long Island Serial Killer — also known as the Gilgo Beach Serial Killer — appears to have chosen prostitutes as his victim of choice. Will he go down as another incarnation of Britain’s most notorious unknown serial killer?

[Photo: Via Google Earth]