‘Fallout 4’ Can Still Be Exploited After The Patch, Problems Still Exist For Xbox One

Well, the Fallout 4 game patch 1.02 has been released and likely installed on a lot of systems, eliminating glitches and bugs, but some players may not be so happy about this as they won’t be able to utilize the Nuka Cola bottle cap glitch anymore, according to Game Rant. However, if you have patience and a pack rat or hoarder mentality, there’s tons of things to pick up on the wasteland to exchange for caps. This will likely be helpful to the Fallout vault dwellers as far as game longevity is concerned.

Most surprisingly, the wasteland game players noticed that such an update wasn’t even mentioned in the game’s bulleted notes regarding their fixes, none of which included the, “fixed the infinite caps exploit” or something of the nature was never even mentioned.

Prior to the Fallout 4 patch, one was able to go to a vendor and exploit the ability to get tons of Nuka-Cola caps, minus one piece of ammo or sometimes even just buy out the vendor as the end game. The method to do this was given in a few instructional videos, via YouTube. Now, this has been eliminated and the only way to acheive this exploit again is to completely uninstall the game and then reinstall it without patching it.

There is a means to exploit Fallout 4 after the patch, according to The Bit Bag. On the PlayStation 4, you can delete the game file and then reinstall it. This will bring it back to ver. 1.00. Undo the auto updates so your game isn’t re-patched. Keep in mind, this will not damage your saved file, but if you want to play it safe, you can always save the saved game file to a thumb drive. The PlayStation 4 Fallout players can save it to the cloud and be downloaded again once the game file is reinstalled.

Now, this may appear to be an inconvenience to some players that are more settlement-focused, being how they would have to continue to explore the wasteland almost endlessly to acquire the needs of settlement construction. However, this is less of a problem for PC gamers as they have a command prompt to type in the cheat codes to get the caps they want. Although, Bethesda does warn not to do this, as it could jeopardize your save file.

To note, the infinite carry weight and settlement size glitch has as of yet been patched. Also, the duplicate shipment has been taken care of, according to Game Zone.

Another feature of the Fallout 4 patch provided PC gamers the ability to remap keys via the number pad and then there is the “Remapping Activate” option as well for “Quick Container,” according to Tech Times.

However, even after the game patch, XBox One is having problems. Complaints have been filling the Bethesda forums according to GottaBeMobile and such issues include no more notifications, i.e. — no telling whether an action you took is liked or disliked by a companion, radio signal station notification, and the like.

Also, fast travel bugs where a Fallout 4 player could not fast travel after having killed Paladin Danse. A user suggested just loading an older saved game. Even complaints of corrupted saved games have been reported. User en3raider at the Bethesda forums did suggest properly exiting the game on the XBox One to the main menu, then quit from the home screen.

Problems with the Bethesda game do exist, and if it’s still problematic, like with an appliance, it just needs routine maintenance. Not much unlike the hydra analogy, chop one head off, two more grow in its place. This is not uncommon with any video game, including Fallout 4.

[Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images Entertainment]