Lisa Vanderpump Speaks Out On Kyle Richards’ Wedding Drama With Kathy Hilton

As viewers saw on Tuesday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Vanderpump was very vocal about Kyle Richards being initially excluded from her niece — Nicky Hilton’s — wedding to James Rothschild. On latest blog post, posted on Thursday, Lisa talked about why she felt so compelled to talk about Kyle’s relationship with her sisters, Kim Richards and Kathy Hilton, even after Kyle requested that she drop the matter.

On her blog post, Lisa said that it’s “unfathomable” that Kyle would be excluded from her niece’s wedding since she is so close to her. Echoing what she said on the season 5 reunion show, and on Tuesday night’s episode, Lisa wrote that family drama should be set aside for momentous events such as weddings.

“It seems unfathomable that as close as Kyle is to her niece that she wouldn’t be present on the most important day of her life. We discussed that amid the contentious argument last year at the reunion. I gently reminded her that our lives are punctuated by momentous events, where intricate emotional dynamics should be laid to rest and the focus should be on the event at hand.”

On the season 5 reunion show, Kyle accused Kim of not inviting her to Brooke Brinson’s Cabo wedding. Kim denied the accusation and Kyle did end up going to Brooke’s wedding in May.

As for inserting herself into the drama and continuing to talk about the subject, despite Kyle’s request to end the discussion, Lisa now admits that she probably should’ve stopped herself. She explained that she went ahead with the conversation since she was involved already.

“It is never a simple task to immerse yourself in the complexities of a sibling relationship, and I probably should’ve refrained from asking, but I was involved already and hoped for a successful outcome where all parties were included.”


Tuesday night’s episode showed Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump preparing for their family vacation in Tuscany. Lisa called Kyle and asked her if she wanted her to bring her a dress to wear to Nicky Hilton’s upcoming wedding to James Rothschild. Kyle, who previously excitedly said that Nicky’s wedding will be “spectacular,” replied that she doesn’t need a dress anymore. After some hemming and hawing, Kyle finally blurted out that she’s not going to the wedding anymore because it’s been decided that it’s better for her to not go. Lisa expressed sympathy and said that such decisions has lifetime ramifications.

In her interview, Kyle admitted that her relationship with Kathy Hilton, Nicky’s mom, is not good and that it was Kathy who made the decision to dis-invite her.

“Obviously this is not something that makes me feel good but it’s Nicky’s day and my sister Kathy’s day, as the mother of the bride so I have to respect her decision.”

Later on in the episode, during a vacation dinner, Lisa brought up the wedding drama. By that point, Kyle was allowed to go to the wedding and made the decision to attend. Kyle told Lisa that they’ll talk about it after dinner. Instead of dropping the matter, Lisa said that she didn’t like to see Kyle so upset and that she shouldn’t allow herself to be “manipulated by either one of them,” meaning Kathy and Kim Richards. Kyle, her daughters, and husband, Mauricio Umansky, looked on uncomfortably as Lisa continued to talk.

After Lisa said that Kyle should go to the wedding if she really wants to, Kyle said that she’s going to just watch Nicky walk down the aisle. Lisa then hinted that if she were Kyle, and her husband wasn’t invited to the wedding, she wouldn’t go. Kyle replied that Mauricio told her to go. Lisa’s husband, Ken Todd, then questioned why Kyle’s younger daughters aren’t invited. Mauricio admitted that it’s “unfortunate” that the two middle daughters can’t go.

In her interview, Kyle explained that Mauricio isn’t going to the wedding because of lots of “tension” and that her two middle daughters, Alexia and Sophia, aren’t going because of a no-child policy at the wedding. An exception was made for her youngest daughter, Portia, because she’s serving as a flower girl.

Lisa told Kyle that it’s not right for her to go up and down so much emotionally and that she has to “detach” herself from her sisters. Lisa said that there has to be a time when Kyle says enough is enough. In her interview, Lisa said that there are a lot of problems between Mauricio and Kathy’s husband, Rick Hilton, and between Kyle and Kathy.

On Wednesday, E! News reported that the drama between Mauricio and Rick stems from Mauricio leaving Rick’s real estate firm and establishing his own firm. As for the tension between Kyle and Kathy, that’s from a Kyle TV pilot that she has in development. The show is based on her life growing up in the 70s with her sisters.

The article also stated that while Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd used to attend Rick and Kathy Hilton’s annual Christmas party, they won’t be this year out of loyalty to Kyle.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the night the latest The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode aired, Kyle Richards tweeted that she was happy to have attended Nicky Hilton’s wedding in London in July. She also denied the accusation that her husband stole clients from her brother-in-law’s real estate firm.

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