Elizabeth Warren Continues To Anger Opponent By Accepting More Debates

Elizabeth Warren, in an apparent attempt to win her Massachusetts Senate seat by accepting more debates than Republican incumbent Scott Brown, will seek the presence of her opponent as she accepted a South Coast debate invitation as of today.

Brown has already stated that he will not participate in any more than the four televised debates that were previously agreed upon by both candidates, but this has not stopped Warren from persistently nudging Brown into more political discussions.

Not only has Warren accepted a recently proposed Worcester date, but she has also gladly welcomed one in New Bedford.

Brown has yet to comment on Warren’s acceptance of New Bedford, but when asked about his plans for the Worcester debate Brown once again pointed back to his statement that he would only be participating in those dates previously agreed upon by both candidates, refusing to be pressured into more debates.

Elizabeth Warren’s campaign manager, Mindy Myers, insists that voters want to hear from the candidates about matters that directly affect where they live, explaining their eagerness to accept debates in many locations.

“The people of Massachusetts share common concerns about the economy, education and keeping our commitments to seniors. But there are also local issues that weigh heavily on residents where the federal government has a role, such as South Coast Rail,” she told Boston.com.

“Elizabeth believes that voters should hear from both candidates on issues close to home in forums close to home. Scott Brown should not turn his back on these voters.”

Do you think that Elizabeth Warren should just stick to the debates agreed upon with Scott Brown? Or should she continue accepting more debates in hopes of getting Brown to debate more for the voters?