Someone On Your Naughty List? Kentucky Coal Has The Christmas Gift For You

While you’re checking your list twice to see who has been nice as you decide what gifts to purchase this holiday season, don’t forget about the naughty people on that list. They deserve a present too.

It may be easy to become excited over buying gifts for all the nice people on your list. However, the naughty people have a tendency to bring us down and make shopping less enjoyable. Keeping in the holiday spirit, we often buy them gifts because we feel guilty otherwise. Yet, the lingering thought that they do not deserve a present is always there. Now, you don’t have to let it bother you so much.

Kentucky for Kentucky is now selling 100 percent genuine coal for, as they put it, the “butthole in your life,” according to Social News Daily. For only $7, you can purchase a lump of coal and show the friend or relative that you put a lot of thought into the gift and got them exactly what they deserved.

Kentucky for Kentucky is selling the coal on their website and will even send it gift wrapped.

“Declare this Christmas a ‘No Buttholes Zone’ and go on the offensive with the gift that’s worse than nothing. Coal. Because nothing says, ‘I do not approve of you,’ like a real live chunk of Kentucky’s filthiest export.”

The Huffington Post shared that the lump of coal is nearly $500 less than the newest iPhone, and will be much more satisfying to give that naughty recipient than a piece of technology. Kentucky for Kentucky explained why they decided to sell coal for Christmas gifts, simplifying it to the fact that some people just don’t deserve a nice gift.

“The holidays are a time for fun, frivolity, love and gratitude. But let’s face it. Some people don’t deserve any of that stuff. You know the ones. They’ve made your whole year a little harder than it needed to be. They’re the ones with the make-believe gluten allergy. The selfie addicts. The ones with the Make America Great Again hat.”‘

Receiving a lump of coal may lead to embarrassment or anger at a holiday gathering, but it may also be the best gift of the season. Some people toil for hours over the perfect gift, only to settle for what the receiver wants, not what they actually deserve. Other times, the gifts are the product of little thought, like a gift card, that can easily cost two to three times as much as a lump of coal.

Obviously marketed as a gag gift, the lump of coal will probably be a hit at Christmas parties and make people laugh as it is opened and shared with the room.

Some people, such as Sam Adams, would rather skip buying presents for someone that has been naughty.

“I wouldn’t spend money on anyone I didn’t like.”

Jimmy Childs doesn’t see any humor in the product, instead believing the kindness of the season should be the focus.

“Wonder if the kind of person who would send a lump of coal isn’t the kind of person who should be receiving one. Wonder if the spirit of season isn’t more aligned with kindness?”

Others, such as James Acker, believe that the tissue paper inside, printed with insulting sayings, and the special note in the box are what makes the gift such a poor choice.

‘Yeah…super classy. Specially the note ‘Merry Christmas, butthole’. That’ll show that so-and-so that you are way above them and a really nice person. Sheesh…
Anybody that would buy, much less send that I am pretty sure would make a great nomination for Butthole of the Year themselves.’

What are your thoughts?

[Image via Gianna Stadelmyer/Shutterstock]