‘Minecraft’ PlayStation And Xbox Editions Get TU31, Loads Of New Biomes, Blocks, And More

Minecraft for the PlayStation and Xbox consoles is receiving a significant update soon to close out 2015 with a bang. Developer 4J Studios announced the details of Title Update 31 (TU31) across all console platforms (PS4, PS3, PS Vita, Xbox One, and Xbox 360) that slowly brings the open-world sandbox game closer to parity with the PC version.

The changelog across all PlayStation and Xbox platforms is simply massive and much too large to post here. Please visit the Minecraft forums or the Minecraft wiki for the detailed bullet point list of every change made to the console version of the game.

An exact release date on when TU31 will be available has not been announced yet. The update entered certification with Microsoft and Sony on Wednesday, December 9. This process typically lasts around a week with a two week maximum. So, expect the update to hit all platforms around the middle of next week barring the update failing certification.

The good news is that this brings Minecraft: Console Editions up the equivalent of version 1.8.1 on the PC; aka the Bountiful Update. That’s not terribly far behind from Mojang’s efforts on the main platform, which is still testing the 1.9 Combat Update for a release that has been pushed into early 2016. Of course, part of the reason for that is due to Mojang not releasing a major update to Minecraft PC in 2015.

So what does the Minecraft TU31 hold in store for PlayStation and Xbox players? Bountiful new additions, as the name implies. This is the update that brought ocean temples guarded by new mobs called Guardians and Elder Guardians. There are also new biomes such as Savanna, Deep Ocean, Mesa, and others along with 20 new Technical Biomes. Meanwhile, the existing Jungle, Swamp, Plains, Extreme Hills, and Ocean biomes all have received various tweaks.

New biomes bring new blocks to Minecraft too. The number of blocks available to use in the game has been expanded by 22 with the addition of new blocks such as Wet Sponge, Slime Blocks, Red Sandstone, and more. Meanwhile, the number of in-game items has taken a big leap too with spawn eggs now available for new mobs like Rabbits, Endermites, and Guardians along with different variations of Rabbit to eat.

Fishing has been given a boost with the chance to capture fish such as Salmon, Clownfish, and Pufferfish or treasure including an Enchanted Fishing Rod or even a Saddle. There’s still a chance to bring up junk though. That list includes Rotten Flesh, String, and Leather Boots among others.

Existing mobs, both friendly and not, have received some changes as well. Villagers received new professions and trading schemes along with the ability to harvest crops. They’ll need a little extra incentive to pop out baby villagers though by giving them three bread, 12 carrots, or 12 potatoes. Watch out for lightning though. A villager that rides the lightning will turn into a Witch.

Other mob changes include Skeletons fleeing from Wolves, Sheep dropping Mutton, and Baby Zombies dropping XP orbs. Meanwhile, Witches can now or drop a Potion of Water Breathing while Zombie Pigmen will lose some of their aggressiveness.

There is, of course, a new Tutorial World for Minecraft console players to explore. Developer 4J Studios filled it with many of the new additions made to the game and constructed new areas for players to explore and learn. Audio for Minecarts, Cows, and Mushrooms also got a refresh.

One notable item missing in the Minecraft TU31 update that is in the PC equivalent, however, is Banners. These are decorative blocks which can be customized in the PC version of the game with different colors, stripes, and patterns. Mojang’s current plan is to introduce Shields with the 1.9 update which will use Banners to give them a distinct looks. It’s entirely possibly 4J Studios will bring both out together in a future Minecraft: Console Edition update.

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[Image via Minecraft]

[Edit: Correction. The update isn’t out yet. Added paragraph clarifying on when it will most likely release.]