Jessa Duggar Hawks ‘In God We Trust’ Stickers Benefiting Anti-Gay Group

Jessa Duggar and her parents are using the interest in Jill & Jessa: Counting On to promote their family’s religious views and to raise money for a group that isn’t a big fan of gay rights or the separation of church and state.

Jessa Duggar’s new series of TLC specials, Jill & Jessa: Counting On, is set to premiere this Sunday. The Duggar family has been getting a lot of buzz because of this, and the Duggars are using the renewed interest in their family to promote a cause that’s close to their hearts. On Wednesday, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar shared a photo of Jessa Duggar placing a window cling decal that reads “In God we Trust” on the back of a SUV. The Duggars are encouraging their fans to purchase these decals and place them everywhere.

“We are so thankful for the legacy of faith in our nation. We love that our nation’s motto is, ‘In God we trust’! We need to trust Him more now than ever!” the Duggars captioned the photo above. “Please join us and other praying Americans who are affirming their trust in God by displaying this removable 4″ x 5″ window cling decal in your home, office or vehicle. Every sticker supports the Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation and Move America Forward care packages for our troops. Let’s cover the country with this motto!”

The post accompanying the photo of Jessa Duggar included a link to a site where the “In God we trust” decals are being sold for $5 a pop.

Jessa Duggar’s post doesn’t go into why “In God we trust” is the nation’s motto, but its history is pretty fascinating stuff. According to NPR, the motto that Jessa’s family loves so much comes from an oft-forgotten line in the “Star Spangled Banner,” and it started being printed on coins during the Civil War. At the time, the thinking was this: the war was the result of America’s “original sin,” which was the country not being founded as a Christian nation. Printing the motto on money was seen as a way to atone for this “sin.” The Los Angeles Times reports that “In God we trust” was later adopted as the country’s official motto during the Cold War. President Dwight D. Eisenhower wanted to “differentiate the United States from the so-called godless Communists.”

The Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation that Jessa Duggar and her family members are supporting by hawking the “In God we trust” decals is a non-profit affiliated with the Congressional Prayer Caucus. According to USA Today, the caucus was founded by Virginia Congressman Randy Forbes, and taxpayers fund the group. Members reportedly meet “in an ornate room in the U.S. Capitol to defend the role of (mostly) Christian faith and prayer in the U.S. government.”

The Prayer Caucus and its founder often clash with members of the LGBT community. As Politico reports, Randy Forbes even discriminated against members of his own party by begging the National Republican Congressional Committee not to support openly gay GOP congressional candidates in 2013. The Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation fought against gay marriage by supporting Kim Davis, the County Clerk from Kentucky who refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, and the Prayer Caucus sent a letter to the navy complaining about the treatment of chaplain Wesley Modder earlier this year. According to ThinkProgress, Modder was disciplined after he shamed female students for having premarital sex and told male students that homosexuality is wrong.

It’s no secret that Jessa Duggar and her family members aren’t the biggest fans of LGBT men and women or the atheists who don’t believe in the God that their money claims that they trust. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Jessa Duggar once revealed that she’s a supporter of a fellow anti-gay, Christian reality show star, Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson. However, when Jessa tried to let her Instagram followers know that she shares similar beliefs to the man who once compared gay sex to bestiality, she accidentally attributed one of pastor Rick Warren’s quotes to Robertson.

Perhaps Jessa Duggar thinks that it’s okay to stick “In God we trust” decals everywhere because she and her husband, Ben Seewald, don’t believe that atheists actually exist. According to Patheos, Jessa Duggar once shared a video of her husband interviewing Jason Lisle, the Director of Research at The Institute for Creation Research. Lisle told Jessa Duggar’s husband that atheists don’t exist because the Bible says so.

“Romans 1 tells us that God has revealed himself to everyone,” Lisle said. “And what that means is there really is no such thing as an atheist. There are those people who profess to be atheists, but in their heart of hearts, they know that there’s God because God has revealed himself to everyone. He’s hardwired us to know that he exists.”

What do you think of Jessa Duggar and her family hawking “In God we trust” decals? Will the Duggars start pushing their beliefs more than they usually do now that there’s a renewed interest in their family?

[Image via TLC]