Mom Accused Of Brutally Killing Five-Year-Old Child

A California mom is in jail after authorities say she nearly beheaded her 5-year-old son. Fox News 29 reports that Maria Isabel Bautista De Lopez was arrested while at the hospital being treated for self-inflicted injuries. The details surrounding the horrifying death of the 5-year-old child are currently going viral on social media. What drove this woman to allegedly kill her own child?

Crime Feed reports that the San Bernardino mom apparently killed her son in a botched murder-suicide attempt. Those details have been made apparent by the indication that she was injured when authorities were called to the home. When authorities responded to calls about an injured woman and child, they found the 5-year-old dead at the scene. He had been nearly decapitated with a sharp object. De Lopez was also at the scene and was suffering from injuries, indicating that she had tried to commit suicide. She was rushed to the hospital and given treatment and is now under arrest.

Not only was the California mom arrested, but two other adults in the home were taken in for questioning. Her boyfriend, with whom she moved in a couple of years ago, and his father were questioned in relation to the slaying of the 5-year-old child. However, no reports are indicating whether or not the two men are facing any charges associated with the incident.

Meanwhile, neighbors of the family are expressing shock. One neighbor, Kirk Jones, spoke to reporters about his surprise.

“Everybody gets along. We see everybody every day and it’s real quiet, so it was a shock today.”

The 46-year-old San Bernardino woman was arrested in this gruesome case and faces murder charges. She is currently being held without bail at the West Valley Detention center.

This isn’t the first time a mom has made media headlines for allegedly murdering her children in a gruesome manner. Earlier this year, a Cincinnati woman allegedly beheaded her 3-month-old daughter. The 20-year-old suspect entered a plea of not guilty in court, but authorities have an alleged mountain of evidence against her. The infant was stabbed multiple times with a chef’s knife. After allegedly killing the infant, she placed the large kitchen knife in the baby’s hand.

In 2009, a Texas woman named Otty Sanchez reportedly beheaded her newborn son. Not only did she decapitate the little baby, but she chewed off and ate parts of her body while in an apparent state of psychosis. The mom had been diagnosed with postpartum psychosis and schizophrenia even before the crime took place. Nonetheless, the woman’s loved ones allowed her to be alone with the child, knowing that she suffered from violent mental illness. Her alleged motive: The “Devil” made her do it. She was ultimately found not guilty by reason of insanity.

In the case of the San Bernardino mom most recently accused of these gruesome acts, there are no details surrounding any statements she may have made. At this time, it’s not known if she has entered a plea or if she’s even faced a judge regarding the crimes she is accused of committing.

[Image via San Bernardino Police mugshot]