The 'Scream Queens' Cast Before Season 2: 'Ice Age' Sequel, 'Star Wars' Role

Maryam Louise

The finale of the first season of Scream Queens has finally aired, but the cast has not been killed off in real life -- and they have many surprises in 2016 before Season 2 of Scream Queens.

Now that the finale is here, fans are looking back on the first season and talking about the celebrity cameos such as Patrick Schwarzenegger, Ariana Grande, and Nick Jonas.

Bloggers were also talking about the large number of television celebrity cameos from the 1980s in Season 1 of Scream Queens that included Alan Thicke and Julia Duffy, according to My San Antonio.

Definitely a star-studded cast, many fans tuned in to watch Scream Queens on FOX to see celebrities in the next phase of their career after doing popular projects in the past. However, Glee's Lea Michele (Hester Ulrich) was quick to point out in a Vulture interview that, in addition to the cast, writer Ryan Murphy was one of the reasons for the success of Scream Queens and Glee.

Interestingly, for some Scream Queens cast members, the post-season will include non-acting projects. For example, Emma Roberts (Chanel #1), one of the main stars of Scream Queens, will be part of styling app (and its very first "host") called Covet Fashion. Emma Roberts will also be acting in two projects in 2016 including Billionaire Boys Club and Nerve.

Of course, one of the main post-Scream Queens roles that has immediate attention is Billie Lourd's (Chanel #3) role in Star Wars: The Force Awakens that will premiere on December 18. In an interview with People about her role, it was pointed out that Lourd may have been preparing for her Princess Leia side-buns look by wearing earmuffs in Scream Queens.

As for other Scream Queens cast members and their 2016 projects, there is a noticeable variation between younger and older actors. For example, according to the IMDb, 2016 will be a productive year for many of the younger actors in Scream Queens, but not necessarily the older ones.

As it appears, the main actor playing the Red Devil in Scream Queens, Riley Schmidt, does not seem to have any upcoming roles in 2016. Adding to this, Nasim Pedrad (Gigi Caldwell) and Oliver Hudson (Wes Gardner) do not have a lot of roles coming up in 2016 besides a possible Season 2 role in Scream Queens.

Although Nasim Pedrad has a long list of television shows where she currently has recurring roles (such as New Girl), the fact that Oliver Hudson has no upcoming roles is especially troubling for Scream Queens fans because his character in Nashville, Jeff Fordham, was recently killed off.

The exceptions with older characters not having post-Scream Queens roles in other projects in 2016 are Niecy Nash and Jamie Lee Curtis. They both have projects coming up in 2016 with Jamie Lee Curtis appearing in Spychosis and Niecy Nash appearing in Cook Off as Ladybug Briggs.

One older character in Scream Queens that will be especially prolific in 2016 is Jim Klock (Detective Chisolm). Klock will have parts in over five film projects including The Whole Truth, Massacre on Aisle 12, and a new television show called Quarry where he will play Coach Blantz.

On the other hand, younger cast members of Scream Queens have a long list of projects coming up in 2016. For example, Abigail Breslin (Chanel #5) will be in Freak Show and will play Nani in Yamasong: March of the Hollows. Keke Palmer (Zayday Williams) will be in a sequel to Ice Age called Collision Course and in a television movie called Grease: Live.

Other Scream Queens stars in other projects include Skylar Samuels (Grace Gardner) in Sharon 1.2.3. and Diego Boneta (Pete Martinez) who will be part of the highly anticipated movie Pele: Birth of a Legend. Glenn Powell (Chad Radwell) will be seen post-Scream Queens in at least four films or television shows in 2016 including Everybody Wants Some, Beyond Deceit, Ride Along 2, and Sand Castle.

But will there be a second season of Scream Queens? So far, no news has emerged that the second season is confirmed by FOX, but there is a lot of promise predicted.

For instance, Entertainment Weekly reports that even though Scream Queens did not dominate ratings, it did do well when streaming numbers are added. They also pointed out that Ryan Murphy has a deal with FOX's sister company, FX, and that is a promising sign that Scream Queens will be renewed for Season 2.

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