Regina King Curses On Live TV Due To Golden Globe Nomination

Regina King was definitely excited about her Golden Globe nomination! King, who was nominated for her role on the series American Crime, swore live on television after her Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actress in a Series, Limited-Series, or TV Movie.

King made a phone call into Good Morning America, which is standard for nominees who don’t live in New York, where GMA is taped. During the on-air chat, King let a curse slip when she was asked how she found out about the nomination.

“I told my publicist just don’t tell me the date that these happen. I want to put it out of my head. I don’t want stress myself out the night before. So when he calls, I’m like, ‘Oh, s**t! What happened in L.A.?’”

The whole exchange was golden, as Robin Roberts laughed uncomfortably before somewhat scolding King for her slip in profanity.

“Um, Regina! We’re on network television. This isn’t cable so…”

Roberts, of course, referenced Regina’s turn in HBO’s The Leftovers.

King promptly apologized for her slip, saying, “Oh I’m sorry! You know, that Leftovers thing kind of has my mouth a little foul!”

She went on to say how relevant American Crime is, specifically due to its narrative on racial bias in America.

“Obviously, everything that is going on in our country and our society right now, it’s touching on raw things. Maybe you might not have thought you were that person, but you saw these characters say some things that maybe possibly you thought at some time, and it hits some raw places inside.”

This isn’t the only nomination Regina King has received. This past year, King went on to receive an Emmy for her role on American Crime.

Earlier in the year, King made comments about how she felt playing an African-American woman who converted to the Muslim religion on the show. Her character, Aliyah Shadeed, was born Doreen Nix, and then changed her name once she converted to the Islam faith. Her storyline is interlinked to one of the main character, her brother, Carter Nix, who she was desperately trying to save from a life of drugs and pimping. In fact, her brother was being held in prison for a crime — hence the show’s title name.

In a memorable scene, she judges her brother for using with and dating a white woman and explained to him how the system worked against him with this memorable piece of dialogue.

“You take their drugs, you sleep with their women, and then they put you in their cage.”

King said of her portrayal and what she learned, “She’s a woman that’s really strong in her faith. She’s a devout Muslim. She comes to Modesto to fight for her brother. Sometimes her religion might her in the way, and sometimes it maybe the only thing they have to stand on.”

The actress continued, “I learned first and foremost how many misconceptions there are about the Muslim religion. Especially when it comes to American Muslims, so that was really interesting to learn, and I got to learn that because I got to work very closely to a Muslim woman who was born in America, born a Muslim child, and hearing her life stories definitely helped me to formulate who Aaliyah was.”

American Crime picked up three Golden Globe nominations. In addition to Regina King’s nomination, the show earned nominations for Best Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television and Felicity Huffman was nominated for Best Performance by an Actress in a Mini-Series or a Motion Picture Made for Television.

[Image via ABC]