‘Wish Upon A Christmas’: Lifetime Brings Good Cheer In World Premiere Movie, Starring Larisa Oleynik, Alan Thicke, And Aaron Ashmore

Wish Upon a Christmas is Lifetime Television’s latest world premiere movie that is coming to your living rooms this weekend. Since November 28, the Lifetime channel has brought you several movies for their “Very Merry Christmas” programming. Wish Upon a Christmas stars Larisa Oleynik as Amelia, Aaron Ashmore as Jesse, and Alan Thicke as Amelia’s father.

Wish Upon A Christmas centers around Amelia, a hardworking businesswoman assigned to pay a visit to a once-successful ornament factory that is now losing money. When she arrives, she is ready to crack the whip by laying off many of the workers in an effort to get the company’s finances back in order. However, the situation becomes tense when she runs into Jesse, a former love from her hometown who happens to be the ornament company’s head honcho.

The Christmas ornament workers are disappointed to find out that Amelia’s arrival means that she’ll be cutting their jobs, leaving many without work or money for the holidays. Despite the proposed layoffs and seeing her old flame, she knows that she has a job to do and quickly tries to put her feelings aside. In order to do this, she visits the work area to get a firsthand account of what goes on there.

However, when she steps in, she is left mesmerized by an enchanting place that resembles Santa’s workshop, where the employees work hard at crafting beautifully designed Christmas ornaments for the upcoming holidays. Jesse is quick to let her know that the factory is more than just a workplace — it’s a place where they consider one another as a family. Plus, Jesse still has strong feelings for Amelia since her return. Will this make Amelia reconsider tearing this place apart? And will Jesse and Amelia renew their past love? For this answer and more, watch Wish Upon a Christmas on Lifetime Television this Sunday, December 13 at 9/8 central.

Like in Lifetime’s Wish Upon a Christmas movie, making Christmas ornaments and decorations is a highly skilled job for which some have a natural talent. It takes a special kind of patience and knack for detail to put together something so beautiful that can bring joy and warmth to someone’s heart for generations to come.

In the last 30 years, many cities have seen a decline in factory work. And Wish Upon a Christmas brilliantly portrays the spirit of what ornament factory life is like. It also does a great job of showing the fear that one may have about the prospect of losing a job, especially around the holidays. Themes dealing with unemployment, layoffs, family-owned businesses, and love and romance are just a few of the subjects that make this timeless movie relatable.

Wish Upon a Christmas, also known previously as Santa’s Gift, is directed by Terry Ingram and produced by Lifetime, Lighthouse Productions, and Active Entertainment. The beautiful music that you’ll hear throughout the film is by Stu Goldberg.

Below is a bit about the Wish Upon a Christmas cast via IMDb.

Larisa Oleynik

“Larisa’s big break came when she was eight. She had gotten the part of young Cosette in a production of Les Miserables. Her costar was Rider Strong, playing Gavroche. The two would be reunited when Larisa guested on Rider’s sitcom, Boy Meets World (1993). Larisa’s most well known roles are Bianca in 10 Things I Hate About You (1999), and Alex in The Secret World of Alex Mack (1994).”

Aaron Ashmore

“Aaron played a role on Smallville (2001). Shawn played ‘Eric Summers’ aka ‘Leech’ in an episode of the same title, Smallville: Leech (2002), and also the episode, Smallville: Asylum (2004). Aaron plays the recurring character, ‘Jimmy Olsen,’ since his debut episode, Smallville: Zod (2006).”

Alan Thicke

“Television audiences know Thicke best as psychiatrist and father Jason Seaver from ABC’s Growing Pains. Alan Thicke has earned a Golden Globe Best Actor nomination and seven Emmy® Award nominations (five for writing, two for acting) [He] has guested on countless episodes ranging from Just Shoot Me, Arliss, Son of the Beach, and Married with Children to 7th Heaven and Outer Limits.”

In addition to the Lifetime movie Wish Upon a Christmas, the Inquisitr recently reported on a Hallmark movie that is similar to it entitled The Christmas Ornament.

[Image via Lifetime/Facebook]