Michael Lohan vs. K-Fed

In another daring attempt to get us to care about what he’s doing, Michael Lohan has announced plans to spar with Kevin Federline in an OK! Exclusive.

I’m glad to report that Kevin wasn’t his first choice, but Richard Johnson of Page Six. Is anyone surprised that Richard promptly refused? Michael commented to OK! that he didn’t actually care who is was, which must have been totally flattering to Kevin Federline. Michael continued by saying that “Everyone wants me to fight K-fed because he’s a notorious celebrity dad and so am I.”

It’s not about who will win, but who will fight dirtier, for sure. To Michael’s credit, he will be helping people, with donations going to Long Island’s Fight for Charity.

I still feel sorta bad for Lindsay Lohan, though. As if her life wasn’t complicated enough.

Images: WireImage