Iggy Iggs Is Back! See What Iggy Azalea Has Planned For Next Year

Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea has plans to make a comeback in 2016. She has previously announced on Twitter that her second studio album is pretty much finished. Just this week, Iggy let everyone (and her haters) know that she will be going on tour next year.

Iggy Azalea has had a rough 2015. She cancelled her “Great Escape” tour. Her collaboration with Britney Spears flopped on the music charts. Azalea’s been criticized for her rapping abilities and for cultural appropriation. She also found herself in a brief feud with Erykah Badu. Despite all that she’s been through this year, Azalea plans to make a big comeback in 2016.

Iggy Azalea

Her second album, the follow-up to her successful 2014 debut The New Classic, will be called Digital Distortion. Back in October, Iggy took to Twitter to announce the album’s name and to say that it will release sometime in the early part of 2016.

A fan then asked Azalea when she plans to wait until next year to release the new album.

She responded, “Oh, you didn’t know the entire music business is no where to be found after thanksgiving? Its slow moving in dec, best 2 wait. (sic)”

She also explained to her 5.9 million fans on the social media site that she wants to release the album when she feels good about it.

“I’m ready with my music but I’m also trying to restructure some things to work smoother and better for me. So we are all kind of just figuring out how things should work and I’d guess that’s going to take a few weeks. (sic)”

The album is likely to drop in January, but the 25-year-old rapper is signed to UK label Island Records, a subsidiary of Def Jam Music Group from the U.S. Iggy told her fans that the album’s release has been “complicated” as of yet.

“Right now I live in America and am very close to the Def Jam team; but I’m actually signed out of the UK. Things are complicated.”

There has been no official release date for Digital Distortion, but Azalea said on Twitter that she will release a buzz single called “Zillion” and an accompanying video “fairly soon.” MTV News claimed there were no big collaborations on this album, but that report could very well be wrong.

Iggy took to Twitter to tease a demo of her song called “7Teen,” which could be from her upcoming album, according to Ace Showbiz. The 20-second video features two people dancing in the studio. Iggy namedrops rapper Future as she mentions his tour DJ while she raps, “Meet me in the Future, OK, let’s go/Make them dance around – DJ Esco.” Imagine if Iggy could get Future to collaborate with her on her new album!

But it was on December 1 that Iggy Azalea made her comeback on Twitter after Erykah Badu dissed her at the 2015 Soul Train Awards on Sunday, November 29.

“Hi guys i know its been a while. We are days from 2016, but i came online today and saw its still cool to try and discredit my 2014 accomplishments. LOL, f—king hell. Seems exhausting. Anyway – Ive been enjoying the holiday season and i hope you all have too.”

While hosting the award show, Badu pretended to take a call from Azalea and claimed that she does not make rap music. Iggy also took some time out of their feud to announce her new tour. It all went down when Erykah hosted an #AskBadu Q&A session on Twitter. A fan asked her why she shaded Iggy. Erykah then released a clip of her haphazard apology to Iggy, saying that her daughters are huge fans of the Australian rapper.

Azalea decided to let their feud go and even invited Badu’s daughters to her upcoming tour. Further details about her upcoming tour haven’t been confirmed or announced as of yet.

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