‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Releases New Trailer, Is ‘The Flash’/’Arrow’ Spin-Off Getting Cancelled Before It Premieres?

Following the crossover episodes on The Flash and Arrow, which helped introduce some of the characters on The CW’s newest superhero series, the network has officially released a brand new trailer for Legends of Tomorrow. Although the new video has excited many fans, will the series be able to generate enough support to shake off reports of a possible cancellation?

According to Movie News Guide, the new trailer offers a closer look at some of the characters that were introduced during the crossover episodes. As fans will recall, the crossover installments included the backstories for Hawkman (Frank Hentschel), Hawkgirl (Ciara Renee), and Vandal Savage (Casper Crump).

The latest trailer expanded on some of these storylines and featured another look at Savage, the main villain in the upcoming series. In so doing, the trailer was a little darker than some may have expected, especially opening with Savage discussing how war and bullets design the future.

“We all know history isn’t written with pens, but with bullets,” Savage is heard saying in the video. “War is God’s way of moving things forward.”

Despite meeting an end during his time on The Flash, Savage will be resurrected in the coming series, though the exact details of said resurrection are unknown.

In addition to Savage’s evil monologue, there were a few action sequences included in the trailer. Furthermore, fans also got another look at how important a role White Canary (Caity Lotz) will play in the new series.

According to Digital Spy, the trailer also indicates that the new series will be exploring the perils of time travel fairly heavily in its first season. The theme of time travel will be particularly strong as the series introduces Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill) as a master in the art of time traveling.

Along with the release of the trailer, the network also displayed a new Legends of Tomorrow poster. The image features all of the superheroes that are set to appear in the series posing for what looks like an epic fight.

Meanwhile, as producers do their best to hype up the show in front of its debut, the series has already been the subject of a possible cancellation. That being said, Realty Today is reporting that the cancellation has nothing to do with future ratings or current popularity. Instead, the idea that Legends of Tomorrow will only last one season may have been the original plan all along.

Although it is difficult to predict how well a show will do in its first season, Legends of Tomorrow is already popular enough that low ratings are not a real concern for the network. Furthermore, given the fact that the show will feature a plethora of superheroes, including some that are well established in other shows, there is little doubt that fans will show up in large numbers to see the action go down.

However, it appears as though producers are viewing Legends of Tomorrow as similar to Marvel’s Avengers franchise in that a team of superheroes is formed to take out a significant threat. Once the threat is dealt with, the team disbands until a new villain arises. This means that after Savage is taken out, which is expected to happen in the first season, then the heroes on Legends of Tomorrow will break up and some will return to their original shows.

If this happens, then fans may have to wait a while before a second season of Legends of Tomorrow is released. Either way, nothing official has been announced on the matter.

Legends of Tomorrow is set to hit televisions on January 21, 2016, on The CW.

Tell us! Would you be shocked if Legends of Tomorrow was only given one season? Let us know in the comments and check out the official trailer below.

[Image via The CW]