Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani Share Some Serious PDA As News Breaks About The Affair That Caused His Split With Miranda Lambert

If there’s one thing to know about Blake Shelton’s relationship with Gwen Stefani, it’s that they are not afraid of showing their affection, even on national television. According to Hollywood Life, Shelton and Stefani have let the sparks fly on The Voice, which has reportedly not gone over nicely with Shelton’s ex, Miranda Lambert.

In fact, the two singers have exchanged kisses whenever the show goes into a commercial break, and Shelton was recently seen biting Stefani’s shoulder in a selfie. In light of all of the PDA between Shelton and Stefani, Lambert is not happy about it.

“Miranda is so over Blake’s over-the-top gushing over Gwen. It’s to the point where it’s just ridiculous,” an insider told the outlet. “Miranda is now wondering if he’s doing this just to push her buttons. She can’t even bear to watch The Voice or even hear about it. It just seems a bit all too pushed and not authentic to Miranda.”

Despite Lambert’s disapproval of her ex-husband’s relationship with Stefani, producers of The Voice are loving every minute of it. According to Radar Online, the show’s ratings have only increased since Shelton and Stefani started to display their affection for all the world to see.

The latest episode of the singing competition drew over 12 million fans. This is an increase of over two million viewers since the previous installment. Although there could be a number of reasons why the show has witnessed an increase in viewers, producers are crediting Shelton’s relationship with Stefani as the primary factor.

“People are tuning in just to see the sparks fly between them, so they were told to keep the momentum going and make it even steamier,” a source close to the show revealed. “Gwen’s whole ‘I love you, Blake’ thing was not planned. However, it was perfect and they loved it.”

With Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani being the primary source for the show’s heightened popularity, fans can expect to see both stars return in the next season of The Voice.

“The executives already want to keep Gwen for next season and keep the cast as is,” she insider shared. “The way things are going right now, there is no reason to sub her out for Christina. Everyone just hopes that Gwen and Blake stay together.”

Meanwhile, the public displays between the judges follow what has been a rough year in the relationship department for the country singer. In fact, Shelton and Lambert shockingly announced their plans to divorce this past summer. Although many first suspected that Shelton was the reason behind the split, Ok! Magazine is reporting that Lambert’s cheating ways are what drove the two apart.

Apparently, Lambert was cheating with several of Shelton’s longtime friends, including Jamey Johnson, Josh Beckett, and Chris Young. However, it was Lambert’s affair with Ryan Westbrook, her touring manager, that proved to be the final straw.

“Blake discovered Miranda had these feelings for Ryan after her band member saw them together,” a source told the magazine.

The insider revealed that one member of Lambert’s band “had enough of witnessing her behavior around him and finally told Blake.” While Shelton was unhinged by the revelation, he still wanted to save his marriage.

“He’d taken Miranda back time and time again, and he would have done it again had she owned up to her mistakes and corrected them. It was a crushing blow to Blake’s ego,” the source explained, adding that alcohol was another factor in their broken marriage.

“Miranda would get drunk and lash out at Blake, punching and screaming if she thought he was so much as looking at another woman. Blake had normally been drinking too, and the fights would ignite like nothing I’d seen.”

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[Image via NBC Universal]