WWE News: Update On WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan Retiring From The Ring, Would Still Wrestle Away From WWE?

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WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan has been away from the ring for months. Before his latest return, he missed nearly a year of action. With the first issue, it made total sense. He had a neck and arm issue, both of which would be a problem for him in the ring. No one blames WWE for not wanting him to come back then, as well as doctors treating him. However, he was cleared and returned at the first of the year.

Bryan then managed to get a concussion shortly into his return, which happens at times in the world of sports and sports entertainment. Due to this, Bryan had to be sidelined until he healed from the concussion issue. Bryan had showed great promise and was doing well, feeling great, and acting fine. He was even getting involved in physical activity. He managed to reach a blue belt at a jiu-jitsu studio just recently, in fact.

So, what is the hold up on Bryan’s comeback if he is already involved in physical activity? The only real hold up is on WWE’s end. They are currently involved in a concussion lawsuit, and only Bryan has seemingly had a concussion this year that required time away. The one thing that hurts Bryan over others who might get hurt is his medical history. He has had concussions in his past, but he has seemingly stayed free of them in WWE. In fact, he was never truly hurt in WWE until the last few years.

The reason for the issue last time around, however, was that he had more problems than originally thought, which had to be corrected when he was opened up. So Bryan had problems in WWE before, but they were never seen as serious. He had worked on the independent circuit for years prior, and those coming from there are not treated with the same medical care as they would be in a company like WWE.

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From there, however, Bryan went to another specialist who told him the opposite of this. He said all scans and activity looked good for Bryan, and this man treats people from the NFL, NHL, and other major sports organizations where concussions exist. WWE and Daniel Bryan did agree that he would get a third opinion and go on what that doctor told him. According to Bryan’s recent comments, it looks like his career could be over with WWE as far as ring work goes.

Bryan said the following to the New Paper in Singapore.

“I think it could be the end of my career in WWE, but I don’t think it will be the end of my career.

“I could find another passion, but it would just be sad because this is what I have been most passionate about since I was five.”

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Many believe that when his contract is up, Bryan will leave WWE and wrestle in another company like a Ring of Honor or New Japan Pro-Wrestling. Both of which would pay him well. Japan might even offer 6 to 7 figures to grab him as they are going to continue to lose stars to places like WWE. Others believe that this is a big ruse on WWE’s part, as the rumor of Bryan returning at the Royal Rumble has been going around for some time. That very well could happen to the shock of everyone there.

If he does not return to the ring due to WWE, would he ever ask out of his contract? Many think he would, but it is doubtful he does so. His wife, Brie Bella, works for the company, and unlike others who did not have a reason to stay, Bryan does. So, he may just work out of the ring until his deal is up. Until then, expect Bryan to stay through the remainder of his deal, which is said to be another two years.

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