Young Thug Takes A Jab At Rich Homie Quan’s Gay Reference

Young Thug is currently one of the most popular artists in hip-hop. Aged 24, with 11 kids and numerous baby mamas, he is definitely one of the most carefree and unique artists in the industry. However, Young Thug has on numerous occasions been called gay. But this can mainly be attributed to his controversial mode of dressing and his eyebrow raising expressions on social media relating to his male associates, such as when he posted this image on Instagram of him and his mate.


Starting with his seemingly “gay” dressing style, Young Thug revealed in September this year, while on an interview with GQ, that he started wearing feminine clothes when he was around 12. Because his father could not buy him tight pants, Young Thug bought his own as soon as he started earning. Young Thug also said that was taunted by his peers because of his seemingly “gay” choice of dressing, but was able to take care of that by “handling things” right away. The following was his exact statement, when asked how he went about it.

“How? Shoot the s**t out of one of them. Beat the fuck out of them. However you have to handle it. There’s no thinking [when someone disrespects you], we gotta handle it right then. So as young men, we had to do a couple things. Then people respected us.”

However, during an interview with the Guardian in October, Young Thug stated that he didn’t really care what people thought or said about him. The following was Young Thug’s statement.

“I like everything that people say. No matter what they say. You gay, you a punk. You got a nice girlfriend, you’re ugly, you can’t rap, you’re the hardest.”

Of course, Young Thug blissfully demonstrated this carefree attitude in regard to what other people think about him by appearing on a photo-shoot for Dazed Magazine while wearing a floral top and a Molly Goddard Tulle dress. Apparently, Young Thug’s sister Amina, who also doubles as his manager, went ballistic over it, according to Dazed Magazine, and apparently told the rapper to take off the apparel before he got into the shoot. But Young Thug went on with it anyway, shrugging off the brief interjection. The following was the magazine’s take on his weird fashion sense.

“His personal style comes across one part rock star, two parts Cockette, with hints of hip hop mallrat and Venice Beach stoner dude rolled into one ceaselessly entertaining package.”

Speaking of speculations about Young Thug being gay, he recently got into an altercation with Rich Homie Quan after the latter used a gay slur against him during a concert. According to Radio, a video released last week showed Rich Homie Quan shouting at a fan who seemed to be reaching out for him, telling him to back away, saying “f*** with no f***ing f***,” adding, “Back your ass up, looking like Young Thug with your gay ass. Get the f*** away from me! I don’t like sissies, n****. I’ma knock your ass the f*** out bro. Get your gay ass back. Get way back.”

Young Thug later responded through a tweet saying, “He [Rich Homie Quan] didn’t mean to say that, uma give em a pass!!. Homie yo lil career almost OV!!!”

Young Thug also took a jab at Rich Homie Quan’s concert saying, “Yo show ain’t even that packed for u to say something like that fool, who heard u say that????”

[Image via Young Thug/Twitter]