Duggar Family Opens Up About Josh Duggar Scandal In Heartbreaking Video Featuring Sobbing Siblings, Anna Duggar Shares Her Reaction

The Duggar family is opening up about the Josh Duggar scandal in a new video featuring a number of the Duggar siblings crying on camera as they try to explain their brother’s “double life.” Jinger, Jana, Joseph, Jill, and Jessa all open up about their brother’s scandalous life and reveal the deep toll the oldest Duggar son’s transgressions have had on the family.

In addition to the Duggar siblings, Josh Duggar’s doting wife Anna Duggar also opened up on camera. Anna holds back tears as she explains what it was like when she first learned about her husband’s “double life.” “This can’t be true” was Anna’s first thought as she hoped she would wake up from a bad dream. Sadly, Anna Duggar didn’t wake up and found out that her husband was not only unfaithful but was also accused of a host of ill behaviors behind her back.

TLC recently posted a teaser trailer for the new three-part special Jill & Jessa: Counting On. In the trailer, many of the Duggar siblings can be seen sobbing as they discuss the effect that Josh Duggar’s actions have had on their family as a whole. Jinger Duggar first appeared on camera regarding her brother’s scandal and immediately breaks down into tears. Jinger sobs as she attempts to make sense of the struggles her family has endured over the past few months due to her brother Josh’s actions. Joseph Duggar also spoke about his brother, noting that Josh was living a “double life” and that the family had no idea. Jana Duggar can be seen sighing as tears run down her face. The promo shows a series of tearful Duggars as simple piano tones ring in the background.

Jill Dillard is highly emotional as she expresses what Josh has done to their family over the past four months and how difficult it has been for the Duggar family. The family is no longer making excuses for Josh Duggar, but rather seem to be placing blame on the oldest Duggar son for the pain and struggles the family has been forced to endure due to his poor choices. Jill puts it bluntly when she says that “everyone makes their own choices, but their not the only ones who suffer the consequences.”

“Everyone makes their own decisions. Everyone makes their own choices, but their not the only ones who suffer the consequences. All the pain.”

Jill notes that though the family seeks comfort in prayer, it doesn’t simply make everything “beautiful and happy and cheery and a nice happy world to live in.” Jessa Seewald also speaks about the issues the family has endured due to the scandal and notes that the past four months have been difficult for the Duggars. Anna Duggar also made an appearance in the latest promo, speaking specifically about her personal struggle to come to terms with what her husband had done to her young family.

Anna Duggar says that initially she thought, “this can’t be true.” She says she thought she would wake up from a bad dream but never did. Another promo posted to the TLC website showed a tearful Anna describing the “heartbreaking” moment she heard the details of her husband’s double life.

Though TLC initially pitched the mini-series Jill & Jessa: Counting On as a series focused on the two most recently married siblings, Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald, it seems that many of the Duggar family members will be making an appearance. In addition to the siblings seen crying in the promo about Josh, Michelle Duggar was also seen at the end of the video as she entered the ambulance with Jessa after she experienced heavy bleeding during her home birth.

With the teaser indicating that the Duggar children will be speaking out about Josh Duggar in the upcoming Jill & Jessa: Counting On episodes, will you be watching to find out more?

[Image via TLC]