Kristaps Porzingis Contract: Formerly Hated NBA Rookie Signs Third Endorsement Deal

Kristaps Porzingis

Another Kristaps Porzingis contract has been announced, and this time his endorsement deal is with BodyArmor sports drink, according to ESPN.

Much has changed since the 2015 NBA Draft was held at the Barclays Center back in June. On that night, Kristaps Porzingis was drafted with the fourth overall selection by the New York Knicks. He immediately became the most hated man of the downtrodden fan base. Since the Knicks had such a high draft pick, New York fans were hoping to get a bigger name such as Jahlil Okafor, D’Angelo Russell, or Karl Anthony-Towns. Instead they ended up with a little-known European player who was immediately compared to draft busts such as Nikoloz Tskitishvili and Andrea Bargnani.

NBA fans and critics alike were both extremely wrong about Kristaps Porzingis. Not only has the rookie center blossomed into the second best players for the New York Knicks, but he is also showing potential to someday be an All Star player. The rookie from Latvia routinely puts up double doubles. Porzingis has been an ESPN darling because of his highlight reel potential. Fans that booed him on draft night are now hypocritically claiming that they knew of his potential all along.

Dirk Nowitzki and Kristaps Porzingis

A lot of NBA players are warned to stay away from endorsement deals on products that they truly do not believe in. The feeling is that if consumers can sense that you are truly not a fan of the product, then the deal might backfire for all those involved. Fortunately for BodyArmor, Kristaps Porzingis is a big fan of their energy drink. The 7’3″, 240 pound forward stated that he started drinking the product right around the time that he was working out for NBA teams before the draft.

Dwight Howard

Do not be shocked if you hear upcoming news about more endorsement deals for Kristaps Porzingis. His fame is rising by the day. In the previous month, sales of his jerseys showed that he was the sixth most popular on the official NBA Store website. He only trails Stephen Curry, a retiring Kobe Bryant, Nike lifetime endorser LeBron James, and Kevin Durant. The fifth person on that list is Michael Jordan, and everyone should know about his marketing potential by now. Potential advertisers know about things like this, so his agent can expect a flurry of phone calls over the next few weeks.

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