Denver Police Officer, Single Mother Shot And Killed At Jazz Festival

Authorities are investigating the shooting of a Denver police officer that was shot killed on Sunday afternoon at a free weekly jazz concert, according to The Washington Post.

Police spokesman Sonny Jackson tells reporters that the police officer was shot in the head by an unknown gunman on Sunday and later died at the hospital. Authorities did take a man with a gun into custody, but it is not yet known if the person with gun is in fact the shooter.

Festival goers reported at least three shots being fired while watching a jazz band at the lake-side pavilion stage.

Nakira Doss was sitting near the stage when she heard the shots and immediately covered her children, ages 4, 5, and 7.

“I’m trying to show them music, but at what cost,” she said, motioning toward her children.

Concert goer Samuel Bell was just arriving to the festivities on his scooter when the commotion began. The gun shots sent him scrambling to get out of harms way, reports USA Today.

“We just arrived at the park. It was crowded, it was looking fun,” Bell said.

“And then `pa- pa-pa-pa’ outta nowhere.

“We just ducked,” Bell said.

“We pulled off in enough time to get away. It was crazy.”

This was the fourth of ten shows scheduled for the City Park Jazz summer concert series and Denver Mayor Michael Hancock insists the festival that draws over 1,000 people per show must go on.

“We will not surrender what we consider special in this city to anyone,” said the mayor.

The slain officer has been identified as District 2 Officer Celena Hollis reports the Denver Post. Officer Hollis was a single mother that had been with the police department since 2005.