Justin Bieber Follows Cindy Kimberly On Instagram — @WolfieCindy Admits She Doesn’t Know How To Deal With Bieber’s IG Attention

There’s a big love (or lust) story seemingly playing out on Justin Bieber’s Instagram and the object of Justin’s Instagram affection, as reported by the Inquisitr. It all began when a single Instagram post on the IG account of Bieber asked his Instagram followers about a beautiful woman. Leave it to the legions of folks following Bieber on Instagram to let Justin know that she was “Wolfie” Cindy Kimberly.

Us Weekly reported on the Instagram situation, when Bieber asked his Instagram followers who the beautiful girl was that Justin somehow found in a photo. The post of Justin’s Instagram request about Cindy “Wolfie” Kimberly gained 1.3 million likes on Instagram in two days. That post also received more than 180,000 comments on Instagram in the two days that Bieber posted his request for help. Lots of those comments are tags that point to the authentic “Wolfie” Cindy Instagram account.

Other comments on Justin’s Instagram post, however, point to fake imitations of Cindy’s Instagram account. Certain fake ones are private, and are likely trying to trick Bieber’s Instagram followers into following fake Instagram accounts. The real Wolfie Cindy’s Instagram account shows her feelings about all the attention from Bieber. Justin also added the authentic Instagram account from Wolfie as one of his only 79 folks that Bieber follows on Instagram. Meanwhile, Cindy wrote about not knowing how to handle all the attention from Bieber and all the folks following the Instagram situation.

wolfiecindy I so do not know how to deal with this but I only have instagram (I did use to have a twitter account but I deactivated) Edit: I just deleted my tumblr and someone took my old url”

Cindy also clarified the fact that Wolfie only has an Instagram account, but it is not clear if Kimberly has more than one Instagram account. Cindy also stated that she had a Twitter account in the past, but it’s not active — and the fact that her deleted Tumblr has been taken over by someone else.

On Instagram, Justin enjoys a large following, and Bieber pumps his latest album in the description of his Instagram account.

“Help change the world. OUR new album PURPOSE out now smarturl.it/JBPurpose

With Bieber having posted 2,930 posts to Instagram and enjoying 47.4 million followers and only following 79 people, Cindy likely does feel pretty amazed that Justin made Wolfie one of those folks he is following on Instagram. For her part, Cindy describes herself on Instagram as a person who gets excited about all things fiction. Kimberly could very well feel like it’s the stuff of fiction to have a pop star like Bieber follow her out of the blue, and cause Wolfie’s Instagram following — and her YouTube account which she links to in her Instagram account — to swell with followers.

Whereas previous posts from Cindy on Instagram showed Wolfie bemoaning the fact that she had zero YouTube subscribers — even as she had no YouTube videos posted — a check of the URL shows that Cindy has swelled to more than 9,000 YouTube subscribers. As of this writing, there are still no YouTube videos from Kimberly posted to the YouTube account linked to from her Instagram profile.

If Justin’s Instagram hunting proves successful and Bieber actually meets Cindy in real life someday, the world will know if the duo become an item. With Justin making a big comeback at various award shows lately, wherein Bieber had received positive responses from the crowds as he performed hits like “Where R U Now” and others, perhaps Bieber’s Instagram flirting will work as well.

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)