WWE Smackdown Spoilers: New League Of Nations Member Teased

WWE Smackdown spoilers are out, and it appears that the rumored new member of the League of Nations might actually be joining up after all, according to Wrestling Inc.

  • Ryback defeats the Ascension
  • Dolph Ziggler defeats Tyler Breeze
  • Becky Lynch defeats Paige
  • Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose defeat Sheamus & Kevin Owens

On Tuesday, WWE decided to tape Smackdown in Jacksonville. The main focus for the evening was the feud between Dean Ambrose and the WWE Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens. The two of them are featured heavily in the opening segment and the final segment. Management did not feel that it was necessary to put a lot of emphasis on the WWE Heavyweight Championship feud between Roman Reigns and Sheamus since they used a good chunk of Monday Night Raw to do that.

Often times, WWE will go back to the well because they don’t have a ton of time and resources to come up with unique stories on a weekly basis. The same holds true for the latest episode of Smackdown, as Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens are going to be featured in a contract signing segment. Nothing out of the ordinary. After some talking, the WWE Intercontinental Champion decides to get a cheap shot on Ambrose, which of course leads to the inevitable fight that takes place at almost all contract signings in wrestling.

Dean Ambrose
Dean Ambrose [Photo by WWE]

Those that watched Monday Night Raw this week saw Ryback being knocked out cold by a submission move from Rusev during an attack. WWE wanted to give him his heat back by having the Big Guy dominate both members of the Ascension in a handicap match. Terrible move as it does not give a whole ton of heat back to Ryback. Plus, it buries Konnor and Viktor, who barely had any credibility in the first place because WWE has shackled them in the positions of enhancement talent. The Ascension has never been booked to be a legitimate threat to the tag team division.

Dolph Ziggler and Tyler Breeze had the potential to be a really entertaining and productive feud. However, it has now been drawn out longer than it should have been. The chapter should have been closed after Breeze defeated Ziggler at the Survivor Series. Instead, they are now locked in a program that is doing nothing for them. Ziggler and Breeze are locked up in another uneventful match on Smackdown this week. Ziggler gets the win but it obviously feels like a time filler again. Breeze has been robbed of whatever little momentum he had.

Becky Lynch
Becky Lynch {Photo by WWE]

To the casual fan, they will simply see a submission victory by Becky Lynch over Paige during Smackdown. To the keen observer, though, this hints at a major change to the WWE Divas Championship match set to take place on Sunday. Paige is currently scheduled to go into the TLC pay per view as the challenger to Charlotte. The two of them are heels, with the latter rushing into the role recently. The challenger would normally be given the heat heading into a title match, so this likely means that Becky will be added as a third participant.

With the TLC pay-per-view just days away, WWE wasn’t going to completely ignore Sheamus and Roman Reigns. To get around that, they decided to intertwine their feud with the one between Dean Ambrose and the WWE Intercontinental Champion. Kevin Owens joining the League of Nations has been rumored for the past week. His involvement with Sheamus on Smackdown might hint to the two of them being involved on Sunday night. That might be the moment where Owens officially joins the new stable.

Do you think Kevin Owens will be joining the League of Nations at the TLC pay per view?

[Featured Photo by WWE]