Millions Of People Tricked By Fake Online Site ‘URL Online,’ Hoax Stories About Sports, Drinking Age, And More Go Viral

If you are on Facebook, then you have seen the fake posts going viral lately from URL Online. They say things such as that the legal drinking age is changing to 23 in February of 2016 and that Oklahoma won’t be allowed to play in the playoffs. These links look real and even have pictures from sites like CNN or TMZ, making people think that they are legit. The reality of it is that they are all coming from a site called URL Online and they are totally fake stories that someone made up, but they are going viral. Did you really believe the drinking age was changing to 23?

Once you click on these links, then you will find a little bit of information about the story, and then if you keep scrolling down you see that the news is not true. The page says, “We are sorry, but you were tricked! It was just a joke!!!” and then features a picture of Leonardo DiCaprio toasting. The thing is, some people are not scrolling down or are missing the point that this is not true. They are then sharing the fake post from URL Online about Oklahoma not being able to play in the playoffs or the legal drinking age, and they are going viral. The toast picture is from this scene from The Great Gatsby.

When you check the post about the legal drinking age, it has been seen by over 1.6 million people. This site is obviously getting some huge clicks from people sharing their fake posts. The crazy part is that people are arguing over and over in the comments section about if the drinking age should be changed or not like they think that this is a real post. They seem to have no clue that it is not real, or if they do, then they still want to just argue about the legal drinking age and why it shouldn’t be changed in 2016, but of course, this is just a fake URL Online story.

The Oklahoma sports post has only been seen a little over 10,000 times, but it is quickly spreading. There are several other fake posts, such as one about Donald Trump, that are quickly going viral and being spread all over social networks. If you see it, then you won’t even be able to tell that it is not real. You have to actually click the link and go to URL Online to find out that you are on a site that is just trying to tease you and get your click.

If you want to trick your friends, then you can go to URL Online and set up your own. You can choose to trick your friends in any way that you want by telling them news about yourself or even something you think would go viral. They have options to pick various sites to fake out your friends, too. A few examples of fake things that have been posted are that you won the lottery or that the U.S. Supreme Court has been ordered to legalize all undocumented immigrants. You could come up with something great to trick your friends with by using this site. This site URL Online is going to end up being shared all over, that is for sure.

So, did you fall for the news that Oklahoma wouldn’t get to play in the playoffs or that the legal drinking age is being changed in February of 2016? Sound off in the comments section below and share with your friends if they were tricked by this new viral site.

[Image Via Facebook]