Man Discovers Hole Filled With Spiders, Decides To Reach In And Pull Them Out [Video]

A spine-tingling video of a man reaching into a hole and pulling out a handful of spiders has gone viral over the internet, and it is horrifying.

According to Metro, a group of children were gathered around a large boulder that was riddled with holes. Some of the holes were quite small, while others were large enough to conceal a small animal. The children were intrigued by what might have been in the hole, and others were sure that they saw hundreds of spiders inside. A man that was passing by decided to relieve the children’s curiosity and simply stick his hand inside and pull out whatever he could grasp. Another individual that was present decided to record the entire spectacle; sharing the entire gruesome scene for the entire internet to watch.

It is unknown where the video was recorded, but the Daily Mail believes it was taken somewhere in North America. Regardless of where it was, the children that were present are surely suffering from nightmare now. When the man pulled out his hand, a large lump of tiny black spiders fell to the ground while others that still remained inside began to scurry outward to see what sort of creature was interrupting their peaceful existence.

The children screamed as the spiders panicked and ran to and fro in a chaotic fashion.

[Photo Via: Iricat/Shutterstock]

Although the children yelled in fright, they were also the ones that encouraged the man to stick his hand inside the hole. One child, knowledgeable of the arachnid species inside the hole, reassured everyone that the man was in no danger, claiming that they were not poisonous. The man, who has not yet been identified, thought the children’s screams were quite comical.

“I don’t know why it’s scaring ’cause they don’t bite,”

Although the man was pretty confident that the spiders were harmless, he seems to be in awe at their large numbers. Even after pulling out thousands, still more scurry out into the daylight to see what was disrupting their den.

‘Look at all them, there’s still way more in there he says,’

The camera man caught all of the action on the video, including the mass of spiders on the ground and the flurry of spiders leaving and reentering the hole. He also caught the screams and panic of the children. One child can be heard panicking that a spider was on his leg.

“One has just crawled onto my leg, it’s right there.”

Like a scene from a horror movie, the sheer number of spiders is terrifying.

Similar videos of spider masses, sometimes found in old sheds and other times on playground equipment, have been spread across the internet. In most of these videos, the black mass appears furry in consistency. However, once disturbed the mass explodes to life and the eight-legged beasts become an arachnophobia sufferer’s worst nightmare. What makes this video so much more shocking than all the others is that the man simply reached his hand inside a dark hole, not fully aware of what was inside, and pulled out a large fist full of the spiders.

For most, their toxicity to humans would not have mattered at that point. Most men and women would have simply left them alone and minded their business. But the man in the video is much braver, and possibly more insane, than most. However, with all of the kids around, the video makes for quite a showcase of panic and bravery and provides fantastic entertainment for the viewer.

One of the children sums up the video best in the sheer panic in his voice, portraying the true horror that surely played in the minds of many viewers.

‘There’s millions, there’s a million,’

[Photo Via: Acon Cheng /Shutterstock]