‘Criminal Minds’ Spoilers: Season 11 Fall Finale Brings ‘Future Perfect,’ When Will The Show Return With New Episodes?

The Season 11 mid-season finale of Criminal Minds airs Wednesday night on CBS, and it sounds as if fans have quite the episode ahead of them. Penelope Garcia remains in witness protection, while the team faces another unique case. What Criminal Minds spoilers are available for the December 9 episode? When will the show be back with new episodes?

Wednesday night’s episode is titled “Future Perfect,” and it seems that the Behavioral Analysis Unit will be tackling a case where the suspect is obsessed with medical experiments. Knowing this show, that likely means that there will be some grotesque components to this case, and previews indicate that this is, indeed, the case.

A sneak peek via CBS shows the team discussing the components of the case. The killer in this situation is utilizing some unique methods and unsettling approaches that are uncovered as the victims are examined and the team is consulted. While many possibilities regarding motives are considered, such as drug or gang involvement, it quickly becomes apparent that this is an entirely different kind of case.

Garcia is still having to deal with being in a modified witness protection program, as the Dirty Dozen remains at large. Gracia was resistant to accept that she needed to hunker down at the station while the team worked on this case, but it looks like she has accepted the reality of the situation at this point.

A Criminal Minds spoiler sneak peek from TV Guide shows Garcia and Rossi playing poker together as a way to help her pass the time. While Rossi is trying to keep her mind off of the threat hovering above her, she is flustered and frustrated, and soon she opens up about how she is feeling.

Of course, it’s not the poker that is frustrating Garcia as much as the threat she’s facing. She admits that it is taking a toll, but Rossi promises that the team will get to the bottom of this all soon and take down those threatening to harm her.

Will everything be tied up in a neat bow heading into the winter hiatus, or will viewers be left hanging? Executive producer Erica Messer previously teased some Criminal Minds spoilers via TV Guide indicating that this Dirty Dozen storyline would be wrapped up before the end of the season, but it may not wrap up before this mid-season break.

When does Criminal Minds return with new episodes in Season 11? According to TVLine, Episode 11 of this current season will air on CBS on Wednesday, January 13. That is good news for fans, as they will not have a lengthy gap between episodes like some shows have heading into the holiday break each year.

Criminal Minds spoilers for that next episode indicate that Reid will have a date with a woman named Cat Adams. Parks and Recreation star Aubrey Plaza will play the character, who will pull a gun on Reid during the date. Teasers indicate that she will note that she knows Reid is an FBI agent and apparently, she has a fairly sinister plan in mind for the remainder of their date.

This is certainly a show that loves to shake things up for the viewers, and no character is ever entirely safe from the suspects the BAU team is tracking. Though fans can feel pretty confident that Garcia will emerge ultimately unscathed from the Dirty Dozen’s quest to harm her, it sounds as if it may take some time for that to all play out yet. The Season 11 fall finale of Criminal Minds airs on CBS on Wednesday, December 9, and fans will definitely want to tune in to this one.

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