Child Rape Victim ‘Suicidal’ After Mom’s Boyfriend Filmed Assaults

A New York man who raped a 6-year-old girl has been convicted in court, and sentenced to 25 years to a lifetime of imprisonment. The Dreamin’ Demon reports that 35-year-old Virgilio Ocampo recorded the shocking rape of the little girl on his cellphone, which served as concrete evidence that led to his conviction. That’s not the only unnerving detail in this case. The man’s excuse for why he sexually assaulted his ex-girlfriend’s child is enough to make anybody’s blood boil.

The horrifying crime was discovered by the 6-year-old victim’s mother, who was dating Ocampo at the time. The two had been together for two years at the time of the discovery, which is a disturbing detail given the fact that this child was raped multiple times over the course of time that they lived together. Had it not been for the girlfriend discovering the videos on his cellphone, that abuse may have never been discovered. The night she found the video evidence, she looked through his cellphone while he was sleeping. It was during this time that she saw the video which showed her 6-year-old daughter being raped by her boyfriend of two years. Like any good mother, the woman immediately called the police — but at the time, Ocampo fled from the apartment, and went on the run for 10 days.

The New York Daily News reports that the man offered a shocking excuse for why he raped the child upon his arrest 10 days after going on the run. He told authorities that the little girl “came on to” him, or seduced him into having sex with her. Later, he changed his story to full denial, refusing to admit to committing the act of rape on the 6-year-old victim.

After just two hours of deliberation, Virgilio Ocampo was found guilty of predatory sexual assault on a child. The video of the rape was played in court as proof that he did in fact rape the child while recording it. After his verdict was read, the victim of the girl — who is now 8-years-old — read an impact statement.

“Your Honor, this man does not deserve to ever walk these streets after all the pain he has caused my daughter, my little angel. He is a sick man and is a danger to women and children he would ever come in contact with. This monster took a 6-year-old and raped her continuously. He videotaped it so he could watch it over and over again. He is disgusting! Hell is not a good enough place for him.”

As the rapist was being led away in cuffs, after hearing his verdict and sentence, he continued to defend his claims of being innocent.

“I don’t understand. Did you get any DNA proof? Why did they never bring the victim to testify?”

While Ocampo could be paroled in as soon as 25 years, his child victim may not be so lucky. She will live with the emotional and mental scars of the abuse for many years to come, and is already suffering because of the memories of what happened. Justice Margaret Clancy shared with the court that the 8-year-old girl has been “in and out of psychiatric facilities since the attack.” The child is also reportedly suicidal. Hopefully this prison sentence puts the minds of the victim and her mother at ease.

[Image via NYDC mugshot]