Oklahoma police abuse video finally released

Back a few weeks ago Patricia Phillips’ story at the Examiner.com in Oklahoma about the police officer who literally went hunting for the ambulance driver who had pissed him off. Then once he found the driver Trooper Daniel Martin proceeded to physically assault paramedic Maurice White. Unfortunately for Trooper Martin this was all caught on the dash cam in his patrol car.

Before the encounter is over, Martin has assaulted the paramedic, frightened the patient, and created a neighborhood scene that is so unprofessional that it’s just about unbelievable. Enraged, he calls for backup, repeatedly threatens the unit’s operators, curses, chokes and slams White up against the ambulance several times–an action the patient later said rocked the unit, frightening her.

He also keeps screaming “you insulted me.” The trooper later says that Franks made an obscene hand gesture as Martin passed the ambulance, a charge Franks denies.

Source: Examiner.com

It took two weeks and a Freedom of Information request before the Oklahoma Highway Patrol finally relinquished a full copy of the incident. For those of you who don’t like strong language you may want to take a pass on watching the embedded video of the incident.