Heather Ciccone Update: Facebook Posts Inspire Rumors About Woman’s Murder

Virginia woman Heather Ciccone was reportedly murdered, which has been confirmed by an autopsy after her body was discovered in her parked car just days ago. While authorities investigate the circumstances of her death, in search of a killer, social media is producing rumors that a female stalker may have claimed this woman’s life. NBC News reports that the woman’s own posts on social media seem to indicate that she was having issues with another woman, but the posts don’t offer details on the identity of this mystery woman.

Heather’s death is being investigated as a homicide, due to circumstances surrounding how her body was found and how she was killed. On Monday morning, she was discovered in the driver’s side seat of her car, in the driveway of a total stranger. She had been shot in the head. The Daily Mail reports that the gunshot wound was located at the back of her head.

Heather Ciccone’s family has referred to the woman’s death as a “cold-blooded murder,” and her sister has already revealed to media sources that Heather was dealing with a stalker.

“Heather has had a girl who has been stalking her and threatening to kill her,” said Courtney Ciccone.

Meanwhile, social media posts by the slain woman are attracting attention by not only Facebook and Twitter users, but mainstream media sources, as well. In more than one post, Heather Ciccone has mentioned a mystery person who has been stalking her. Her last public post on Facebook was about this mystery person. Just two days after her last post, her body was found slain in her car. In at least one post she comments on the details of this mystery person, who had allegedly claimed to drive by her home with intent on doing harm.

“I hate when a female gets her friend to request me to lurk on my s**t. Like I see the girl who don’t like me in your pictures with you. Tell her to man up and send her own request.”

Authorities are currently investigating “several leads” in Heather’s murder. However, they do not currently have any persons of interest or suspects in this case. Meanwhile, her loved ones — and perfect strangers on social media — are sharing the word that she was being stalked by an unknown female on social media, who had supposedly threatened to kill her.

Captain Jeff Pearce of the Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that “useful evidence” has been recovered from Heather’s vehicle, but no elaboration has been made on what this evidence might be. Furthermore, authorities have also confirmed that they are aware of the supposed threats the slain woman had received in the days leading up to her bizarre death. The last time Heather’s family had spoken to her was Sunday night, when she told her mother that she was going to help a friend who was having car trouble. A handful of hours later, police showed up to share heartbreaking news with her loved ones. Heather’s body had been found in her car, which was parked in the driveway of someone who has no known connection with the case, and who has never been acquainted with the slain woman. Authorities have not released any information regarding this unnamed friend that Heather was supposed to be helping the night she was last seen by her loved ones. The identity of this friend has also not been publicized over the course of this ongoing investigation.

If you know anything about the murder of Heather Ciccone, or if you think you may have seen something that may assist in the search for her killer, please contact the Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Office.

[Image via Heather Ciccone/Facebook]