Gretchen Rossi Could Get Her Baby As Slade Smiley Has Surgery To Reverse Vasectomy

It looks like Gretchen Rossi might finally get her wish. While on The Real Housewives of Orange County, she was never quiet about the fact that she wanted a baby. Becoming a mom is very important to Gretchen, but her other half, Slade Smiley, had a vasectomy, so this could have been something Gretchen never got to do. Now Life & Style is reporting that Slade Smiley had surgery to reverse his vasectomy so that having a baby might just be an option for them now.

Slade already had the surgery and is now getting to feeling better. Gretchen and Slade are not married yet, but they may not wait to start a family. Basically, this surgery puts the tubes that were cut back together so that sperm can now get through and reach an egg. If things went well, Gretchen could get pregnant now without any problems, where it wasn't even an option before. They have tried other ways to get pregnant and nothing as worked for them, so this is just the next step for this happy couple.

If they have a baby, this will be the first child for Gretchen Rossi, but Slade does already have two sons from previous relationships. The insider revealed what made Slade change his mind about having another child.

"Slade thought he didn't want more children until he fell in love with Gretchen. That changed his world."

Obviously, Slade knows that having a baby is important to Gretchen. Back in 2014, Bravo shared how Gretchen Rossi was trying to get pregnant, but what they were doing was not working for them. At that time, Gretchen had planned to have at least one baby before they got married. They were using IVF to try to get pregnant, but obviously that didn't work for them. Gretchen spoke out about it.

"It's so much more complicated than we ever anticipated before we started it. You question everything and wonder if it's the right decision. And it's not fun to shoot yourself up three times a day. You just hope it pays off."

Gretchen Rossi went on to explain how hard it was on her to deal with trying to get pregnant this way. She is very lucky that Slade is by her side through it all, and he sounds very supportive.

"Actively pulling the trigger to make a baby is very powerful. You go through every step together. As I'm crying and putting in shots that are very painful, Slade is right there with me."

Hopefully, the fact that Slade Smiley has decided to get a reversal on his vasectomy will make it where things go a lot easier for the couple. Gretchen wants a baby really bad, and it looks like they are one step closer to this working out for her. The couple has shared that they want at least one child and maybe more plus they are fine with having them before they get married. Rossi does think it would be fun to have a girl considering Slade already has two sons. Of course, Gretchen will be happy with a boy or a girl and is just very hopeful that she can have the family that she wants soon.

Are you shocked to hear that Slade Smiley and Gretchen Rossi can have a baby now? Do you think that these two will ever tie the knot? At this time, you can't watch Slade and Gretchen on any reality shows, but you never know where these two will turn up next. Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.

[Photo by Rodrigo Varela/Getty Images for Sandals Resorts]