‘The Little Couple’ Return: Dr. Jennifer Arnold, Bill Klein, Will, And Zoey Head Back To TLC For New Season

'The Little Couple' stars Jen Arnold and Bill Klein

Fans have been dying for news about the return of The Little Couple starring Dr. Jennifer Arnold, Bill Klein, Will, and Zoey. Until now, details about another season have been rather elusive. The way the last season ended, some viewers got the feeling that the family might have been saying a final goodbye, with plans to stop filming new episodes. On the other hand, Jen had indicated in some social media posts that they would be continuing the show. It’s been a long stretch without new episodes, but the family is headed back to TLC for a new season, and it begins very soon.

People shares the big news regarding a Season 8 premiere date, and they also share a big sneak peek. The Little Couple is coming back to TLC with new episodes beginning on Tuesday, January 5, so fans won’t have to wait too long to catch up with Jen, Bill, Will, and Zoey again. Though this family has been through some very significant challenges over the past few years, it sounds as if things are in a great place for the family these days.

As Little Couple fans know, the past few years have brought the adoptions and transitions of both Will and Zoey, a fierce cancer battle for Jen, and a complicated back surgery for Bill. The last that viewers saw on the show, Bill was in the midst of his surgery recovery and things were progressing fairly slowly. These days, however, it seems that everybody is doing well.

The preview for Season 8 details that Will and Zoey have grown both physically and emotionally, and they surprise their parents by how dynamic they are now. The new season will showcase Zoey’s fourth birthday party, fun times at home, trips out and about, and plenty of fun chaos.

Both Jen and Bill are healthy and enjoying the ability to have a fairly normal life now compared to the complications they had faced during the past couple of years. Jen says they are able to just enjoy the moment right now as every family should, but that doesn’t mean that life is boring or quiet. Bill adds that it’s been a remarkable journey so far, and while things are pretty mellow at the moment, it likely won’t stay that way for long.

Fans have been buzzing over on the show’s Facebook page for a while now, wondering whether the show would return and worrying that it might not. Photo changes on the page at the end of November sparked fresh buzz, as some wondered if that was a sign that TLC was in preparations to premiere a new season. Luckily, TLC decided not to leave fans hanging any longer and have given them an official countdown.

This network is one that tends not to make announcements about show renewals or returns very far ahead of time, outside of the Duggars, their show, 19 Kids and Counting, or the specials that have been done with the Duggar family more recently. It would seem that this typical approach of not saying much ahead of time was TLC’s strategy for Season 8 of The Little Couple, as well.

Jen and Bill do seem to have scaled back on filming a bit over the last season or two. While fans understand their desire to focus on their health and their family, viewers certainly miss them when TLC isn’t airing new episodes. Hearing that The Little Couple is returning for a new season and that it begins very soon will be exciting news for anxious viewers.

Dr. Jennifer Arnold, Bill Klein, Will, and Zoey return to TLC on Tuesday, January 5, to let fans know just what they’ve been up to over the past few months, and viewers can’t wait to watch.

[Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images]