‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 6B: What Can Fans Expect?

Pretty Little Liars has been keeping fans hanging for almost six complete seasons. Season 6B will be premiering in January, and a brand new bad guy will be unveiled. Pretty Little Liars jumps five years into the future. There is no more high school drama surrounding these girls, and it appears they are reuniting again when “he” comes back. The biggest question now is, who is “he” and what does “he” want? According to TV Guide, Pretty Little Liars is going to connect the newest problem to a cast member. Is this person related to one of the five main characters, or someone who fans have only seen once or twice throughout the various seasons?

There is at least one more confirmed season for Pretty Little Liars, but it is unclear whether or not it will air beyond Season 7. The various trials and suspects leading up to the big “A” reveal kept fans guessing for years. The show debuted in 2010, and the conclusion to the original mystery is only just beginning. Several Pretty Little Liars fans had pegged CeCe Drake as “A,” but no one figured her to be Charles DiLaurentis in the least. Marlene King has kept the show fresh and new for fans to continue on, and will continue to do so until the final good-bye is written in stone.

With the premiere of 6B being set five years in the future, there is no telling what fans will have to learn to catch up. There is still some speculation surrounding Aria Montgomery and her part in the bad things that happened to the girls. Many believed she was “A,” but that was ruled out when Charles popped up. Perhaps Mike is the new bad guy this season? It would make sense, because he has only been sparingly used in Pretty Little Liars in the past seasons. There was potential for him to have his own storyline, but he was used to prop incidents and to look incredibly shady. This is one of the most sensible theories for Season 6B.

During Season 6A, there were several characters who made shocking returns, some of them many fans had forgotten about for quite some time. Spencer Hastings’ sobriety coach came back and was a welcomed face, especially for those who dubbed him good looking. According to Bustle, Pretty Little Liars used several of the returning characters in flashbacks. Could this be foreshadowing into what fans can expect for Season 6B? These returns could be especially important if the new “he” is tied to one of the main characters.

The trailers for Pretty Little Liars Season 6B have been released, and many versions of the opening have been put out for fans to see. Each of the main characters doing the signature “shh” pose in the intro leads fans to believe they will be rotated throughout the season. Also, there is one specific promo poster that suggests tension between Aria Montgomery and Alison DiLaurentis. What could have happened over the last five years?

Now that Pretty Little Liars Season 6B is just a little over a month away, fans are gearing up to figure out the mystery. Who could “he” be, and why is “he” after the girls almost five years later? There will be questions answered this time around, there will not be any long and drawn out mysteries. By the end of Season 6B, Pretty Little Liars fans will know the identity of the person stalking them and whether or not he is related to one of the main characters. Pretty Little Liars will return on January 12 to Freeform (formerly ABC Family).

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