Fox News’ Megyn Kelly And Bill O’Reilly Deal With Donald Trump Muslim Controversy

Donald Trump Speech

On Tuesday evening, both Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly talked about the controversy with Donald Trump’s statement about temporarily banning Muslims from entering into the United States. O’Reilly began his show by summarizing Donald Trump’s speech and how Trump believes most Americans would support temporarily banning Muslim immigration in the United States. Bill then tried to instill common sense into the issue.

“The federal courts would never allow the government to deny entry to anyone solely on the basis of religion. So, the whole discussion is really moot … As with revoking the citizenship of so-called anchor babies, a ban on Muslims traveling to the USA will never happen.”

Bill O'Reilly Terrorism

Bill O’Reilly had terrorism experts Aaron Cohen and Jim Hanson on his show to discuss how they would fight ISIS and terrorism. While both admitted that we need to stop terrorists from entering, they also thought Trump’s idea of banning all Muslims who enter this country was ridiculous.

Megyn Kelly also reluctantly spoke about Trump on her show Tuesday evening. Kelly has spent the past few months filleting Donald Trump. However, according to Mediaite, she said she’s sick and tired of all the Donald Trump coverage.

“Megyn Kelly could barely hide her frustration tonight that Donald Trump’s Muslim entry ban proposal and the media’s coverage of it has completely eclipsed the national conversation about terrorism.”

Mediate then directly quoted Megyn Kelly.

“Less than a week after the worst terror attack on America since 9/11, we are in a full-blown media circus, not about these two killers and their terror ties, but about something that a man who is not the president would do if by chance his party nominates him to be president and then the same general electorate that elected Barack Obama twice happens to choose him, Donald Trump, as their president,” Kelly angrily said.

A YouTube clip shows Megyn Kelly talking to Howard Kurtz, the host of Media Buzz. Kurtz said that it’s only natural that this is gaining so much coverage, especially since Trump has been denounced by many in his own party. He said it feels like a tipping point in the campaign.

“As you point out, this is how Trump seizes the media spotlight again and again by saying something that seems outlandish, that goes too far, that is over the top,” Kurtz continued.

Megyn Kelly then added that whenever Trump’s poll numbers fall, he says something to get himself back on television. Kurtz added that the media bashing always helps Trump, since both he and his core fan base then sees him as a victim.

Some of Donald Trump’s fans criticized Megyn Kelly on Twitter.

Donald Trump will appear on Bill O’Reilly’s show Tuesday evening to discuss the comments he made about Muslims. We can expect Megyn Kelly to criticize those comments and further tell her audience that Donald Trump doesn’t matter, while also spending a lot of time on him. Megyn Kelly should consider interviewing Trump on her show — the ratings would skyrocket through the roof.

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