Anna Duggar Finally Breaks Silence On Cheating Scandal With Heartbreaking Statement After Visiting Josh Duggar In Rehab

Anna Duggar has had quite a difficult year. Now, for the first time ever, she's speaking out about her marital problems with Josh Duggar. According to Us Magazine, Anna appeared on the three-part TLC special, Jill & Jessa: Counting On. During the special, she shared her reactions to Josh's riveting confessions. Anna described her husband's betrayal like a nightmare.

"I was just like, 'I'm gonna wake up and this is going to be okay,' " Anna said in the confessional. " 'And this really. This can't be true.' "

The release of the heartbreaking clip, which aired on Good Morning America on December 9, follows Anna Duggar's first visit to see Josh in months. The 27-year-old mother-of-four finally decided to visit her estranged husband, who is being treated at Reformers Unanimous, a Christian faith-based rehabilitation facility in Rockford, Illinois. Since the 19 Kids and Counting reality star confessed to having a pornography addiction and cheating on his wife, his marriage to Anna has gone downhill.

Although the Duggars are widely known for their disapproval of divorce, Anna Duggar has been rumored to be considering the idea of severing ties with her troubled husband. But, after a couple months apart, she's decided to pay Josh Duggar a visit. An insider close to the couple has revealed to In Touch Weekly that the visit happened around the Thanksgiving holiday. However, their reunion wasn't exactly a joyous occasion. The tense encounter was reportedly quite difficult for Anna. But, in spite of all they've gone through, Anna reportedly misses Josh.
"Anna went right before Thanksgiving... She had a lot to discuss with Josh. She thought it best that she go alone so she decided not to bring the kids, except Meredith because she is still breastfeeding.

"Seeing Josh was really hard for Anna... She cried about how much she misses him and teared up while they prayed."

By now, most Americans have heard all about the Duggar family's pitfalls as they've been at the center of controversy all year due to Josh Duggar's molestation scandal that shocked the nation. Earlier this year, Josh admitted to the claims and issued a statement of apology for his actions. However, things didn't stop there. Shortly after Josh released the statement addressing the molestation allegations, he was hit with another scandal.

The Ashley Madison breach revealed he'd also cheated on Anna Duggar with an adult film star. The shocking discovery led to Josh's decision to enter the rehabilitation facility. Over the past couple months, many news outlets have speculated that Anna is looking to divorce Josh, despite Jim Bob Duggar's attempt to hold their marriage together by purchasing them a new home. But, even if they stay together, the ugly truth is that they have a long road to reconciliation.

Just days after Anna visited Josh at the rehabilitation facility, Josh was hit with a $500,000 lawsuit from porn star Danica Dillon. For those who missed it, Dillion is accusing Josh Duggar of committed battery against her during violent sex, not once but twice. So, now Anna and Josh are facing yet another battle. However, Josh insists Danica's claims are baseless and that people are now taking advantage of him in the wake of the highly-publicized scandal.
"Anna knew she needed to talk to Josh about that and about the lawsuit. [Anna] believes Josh cheated on her — because he admitted he did — but she does not believe Danica's story. She doesn't think Josh could be so aggressive.

"Josh is still denying it happened and told Anna that since he was living a life of sin, he isn't surprised that people are making things up about him. But Josh doesn't confess anything until he is absolutely caught in a lie."

At this point, no one really knows how Anna and Josh Duggar's marriage will turn out. However, it seems as though the two are willing to work through their problems. Do you think Anna Duggar will ultimately decide to stay with Josh? Share your thoughts.

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