Flo Rida Fined $7,000 After Lying To Judge

James Johnson

Flo Rida was ordered to pay $7,000 in court fines on Monday after a judge in his "slave wages" case discovered that that rapper had been lying through his teeth.

The southern rapper is being sued by former assistant Mahogany Miller who says she was worked nearly to death for just $3.08 per hour and when she complained Flo Rida fired her instead of paying a proper wage. When the lawsuit was first filed Flo Rida said it was a pack of lies.

Unfortunately when Mahogany Miller filed the original lawsuit the rapper did not respond in time and then told the judge he never received the lawsuit papers. Instead Flo Rida claimed the court papers ended up in the hands of a female named Stephany Nelson and that he didn't even known Stephany. According to the rapper the address listed by the court was unknown to him.

There was just one small problem with the rappers story, it was all lies. Flo Rida has admitted to the court that the original address listed was known and that Stephany Nelson is actually one of his many employees. In other words Flo Rida fabricated a pack of lies and was caught red-handed.

After finding out about the lies the judge called Flo Rida's deceit "premeditated and a waste of the courts and Mahogany's time so he ordered him to pay Mahogany $7,000 in attorney fees.

With the pack fo lies out-of-the-way Flo Rida is still facing his civil suit over the "internship" claims he has made.