November 7, 2017
Amy Duggar King Pregnant? Duggar Cousin Amy Receives Pregnancy Congratulations On Twitter, Is 'Thinking Of Baby Names'

Amy Duggar King is hinting on social media accounts that she may be pregnant. The former reality star tells her fans that she is "thinking of baby names," which sparked a flurry of speculation by her followers that the newlywed is pregnant. If Amy King is pregnant, she wouldn't be the first Duggar family member to get pregnant during the newlywed period. Both of Amy's Duggar cousins, Jessa Seewald and Jill Dillard, became pregnant in their first year of marriage.

The Amy Duggar pregnancy rumor began when Amy posted a cryptic tweet to her Twitter account. The newlywed simply stated that she was "thinking of baby names." The pregnancy hints continued on her Snapchat page.

Though Amy did not come out and say she was pregnant, many of her followers have chimed in with congratulations noting that the former reality star must be pregnant.Others quickly jumped in with baby name suggestions for the potential baby Duggar cousin.Meanwhile, others took the opportunity of an Amy King pregnancy to make this joke about Jessa Seewald's choice in baby names.In addition to the baby names tweet, Amy shared a photo on Instagram that shows the fashion-forward Duggar wearing a loose fitting flannel jacket. The jacket could certainly hide a tiny baby bump, and she is holding a clutch in front of her stomach. Amy hints at forgoing caffeine in the photo, noting that the outfit is perfect for a "coffee date" but says by "coffee date" she means "hot chocolate date."

Amy Duggar
Amy Duggar wears a loose fitting flannel jacket and holds a clutch in front of her stomach in this recent Instagram photo. [Image via Instagram]Amy King has also started up her first personal blog. Could the Duggar cousin be preparing for a big birth announcement on her blog? All of the other Duggar families have their own personal blog, so it comes as no surprise that Amy would want to jump on the bandwagon. In fact, if Amy is hoping to capitalize on her pregnancy, with TLC skipping on her wedding special, she may be on her own to monetize this special time in her life. Therefore, a blog may just the way to drive traffic to her website.

In her most recent blog post she titled "Drama, Drama, Drama," Duggar cousin Amy says she is "cleaning house" on some people in her life and that she only wants drama in the television shows she watches, not in her real life (Yes, Duggar cousin Amy watches television). If Amy King is expecting her first child, it would make sense that she would want to purge any unnecessary drama from her life. Amy notes that you can "love" someone, but that doesn't mean they are "good" for you.

"Just because you love someone doesn't mean they are good for you."
Though Amy does not name any names, it seems likely that she could be talking about one particular Duggar family member that has brought a lot of drama to the family in the past, Josh Duggar. If Amy is pregnant, it would not be unlikely if she did not want her child around Josh as he has admitted to molesting his sisters as a teen and having a pornography addiction.

Since the tweet does not come out and say that Amy is pregnant, there is room for speculation as to exactly why Amy posted the "baby names" tweet. Could another Duggar family member be pregnant? Or is Amy King just looking for some attention as Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald's new TLC special called Jill & Jessa: Counting On sets to air?

What do you think about Amy Duggar King's cryptic tweet about "baby names?" Do you think Duggar cousin Amy is pregnant or just looking for attention as the spotlight turns to cousins Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald?

[Image via Amy King/Instagram]