Penguin 337 To Be Named After Months On The Run

After months of being on the run, Penguin No. 337 will officially be named as the Japan aquarium that he escaped from has launched a campaign that gives park visitors the opportunity to submit their choice.

Penguin No. 337 gained worldwide attention after he escaped from the Japan aquarium where he resided. The penguin dashed out of his Tokyo home, evading aquarium-staff and an enormous crowd of spectators. Japan’s Coast Guard even tried their hand at catching the penguin, but came up unsuccessful. In all, the penguin spent a total of 82 days on the run before he was captured and brought back to the aquarium.

After gaining so much notoriety, Tokyo Sea Life Park has decided that it might be a good idea to give the public a chance to officially name the small bird that gave everyone so much trouble during his outlaw days.

“We decided to give him a pet name by soliciting ideas and their reasons from visitors,” said aquarium official Takashi Sugino.

“This is a special treatment to express our gratitude to the public for providing information on the bird, and also for cooperating with us by listening to our call not to try to capture him,” he said.

Yahoo reports that nominations began on June 15 and will end on July 1, with Sugino adding “a naming committee comprising the aquarium director, the vice director and keepers will pick the most appropriate name.”

Do you have any creative names for Penguin 337 that will accurately portray his personality after his escape from Tokyo Sea Life Park?