December 9, 2015
Louis Tomlinson Addresses Fatherhood With A Smile, One Direction Star Finds Justin Bieber, Niall Horan Beef "Hysterical"

Louis Tomlinson was photographed and videotaped leaving LAX airport recently. The One Direction hottie was asked about his impending fatherhood and, for only the second time ever, gave some semblance of a response.

It may seem insignificant, but the tiny smile and sparkle in Louis' eye was enough of a big deal -- given the star's long silence and reports that media were banned from asking about Louis' child ---that X17 captioned their video with an excited declaration: Louis Tomlinson Smiles When Congratulated On Fatherhood.

Louis has been reluctant to address his impending fatherhood since it was announced that he had impregnated blonde Californian Briana Jungwirth earlier this year.

The pregnancy was apparently the result of a short fling Briana and Louis had early in 2015. It all started with an alluring nightclub booty shake by the attractive stylist, according to Heatworld.

"Briana likes to party. She's a really sexy dancer."
Briana's flirty display evidently found an appreciative audience. Louis Tomlinson's bodyguard reportedly tapped the gyrating sexpot on the shoulder and said:
"Come with me, my boy wants to talk with you."
The sexy dance was not only arousing and loin-stirring, it proved life-changing and (some cynics would say) enormously profitable for the Calabasas native. She became pregnant with Louis Tomlinson's child and -- as moaners of various stripes have noted -- she will now be siphoning off a portion of the enormously wealthy star's fortune (as well as countless hours of charming, handsome Tomlinson's company) over the next 18 years.

Louis will be a great father, according to 5SOS member and Tomlinson pal Ashton Irwin, as reported by Dolly.

"If it came from a one night thing, who cares? The way it's being dealt with is cool. The kid's being brought into a great position. He's never going to be hard up. He's going to brought up in a loving situation. Louis will step up to the challenge."
According to Heatworld,
"She's not superficial – [Briana] doesn't chase the dollars, she's more down to earth than that."
One Direction Mom-Watch also continued on social media this week as Directioners scanned the hunk-spawning women's feeds for clues about the inner lives of the sexy boys. Followers of Louis Tomlinson's mother Johannah noted that she sent a powerful message about Louis' partying by liking this post:
The recent story about Louis Tomlinson being ejected from a hotel room after a night of partying was reported by many outlets, including the Inquisitr. It seems Louis was not escorted out, and in fact was not even staying at the hotel in question -- Tomlinson spent the night escorting his sister and her friends.

In other Louis Tomlinson news, Hollywood Lifeis reporting that the Doncaster hunk and Simon Cowell buddy has weighed in on the relationship between Louis' One Direction bandmate Niall Horan and Selena Gomez.

"Louis is loving the fact that Niall has been getting close to Selena. He knows Niall has had a crush on her for a while and is happy for him," a source reportedly told the publication.

Apparently Louis Tomlinson, who is celebrated not just for his sculpted physique, piercing eyes, and impressive biceps (reportedly the biggest in One Direction) but for his sassiness and willingness to shade enemies publicly on social media, is not really a fan of Justin Bieber. Tomlinson finds it "hysterical" that baby-faced Niall -- who has been called an Irish Justin Bieber, and who cited the Canadian as an inspiration in his first X Factor audition -- has now made off with Bieber's girl.
"[Louis] also loves that Niall is stepping on Justin's toes! While Niall and Justin have been friends for a while, Louis has never been that impressed with Justin. They definitely aren't friends."
Whether this is true or not, it's fun to think that the Nouis bromance is that cheeky and conspiratorial. If you watch the tense video of Gigi Hadid and One Direction at the AMAs, you can see Niall and Louis Tomlinson exchanging quick, knowing looks, as if they are enjoying a shared secret.
Is Louis Tomlinson looking forward to fatherhood? Will Justin Bieber and Niall Horan stay friends?

(Photo by Rich Fury/Invision/AP)