Harry Styles And Louis Tomlinson: Rainbow Relationship Is A Huge Hit

One Direction stars Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson have long been rumored to be a loving and committed couple by many of their fans. Louis and Harry were dubbed "Larry Stylinson" by fans who believe that they are way more than friends and bandmates. Over the course of 2015, despite denials from Zayn Malik and Liam Payne, the belief that Tomlinson and Styles are a couple has strengthened. The belief that "Larry" is real is so strong that Harry and Louis are the years most "shipped" couple on social media.

To add a little background, rumors that Louis and Harry are a couple started back in 2011 when the pair shared an apartment. Real belief that Harry and Louis are a couple took a much stronger hold after Louis infamous Tweet to Harry that simply read "always in my heart."

Since that date, One Direction fans have scoured social media, the Sony e-mail leaks and the behavior of Harry and Louis for evidence that "Larry is real." Make no mistake, One Direction fans are thorough. If you search social media, most especially Tumblr, you will see that the belief in Louis and Harry as a couple has been investigated with the sort of forensic attention to detail that would put a Scotland Yard murder investigation to shame.

The search for the truth about Louis and Harry means that their relationship was the most talked about relationship on Tumblr this year. Entertainment Weekly remarked that One Direction fans are experts in the use of social media, as is evidenced by their dominance of both Tumblr and Twitter.

Teen Vogue points out that, whilst Louis and Harry's love affair is arguably fictional, it has long outlasted any other relationship within One Direction. Harry has reportedly dated the like of Taylor Swift, Kendall Jenner, and Nadine Leopold, and all have come and gone within a few months, but "Larry" endures.

Louis' longer term relationship with Eleanor Calder has also passed into history whilst Tomlinson's relationship with Briana Jungwirth, who is reportedly carrying his baby, is something he simply will not discuss.

It is something of a paradox that, the more the story that Louis and Harry are lovers is denied, the more One Direction fans dig for the truth. Back in September, Liam Payne spoke up about Harry and Louis in an interview with iconic gay magazine Attitude. Last month, in an interview in Fader, Zayn Malik joined Liam in denying that there was a relationship between Harry and Louis.

Many One Direction fans are convinced that Harry and Louis' management team are determined to keep their relationship under wraps. It has been proven beyond any doubt that there are links between UK tabloid The Sun and One Direction's management. The Sun has broken numerous stories about Louis and Harry and has played a huge part in portraying Styles as womanizer. Simon Cowell's head of PR, Anne-Marie Samson, is married to the Sun's U.S. editor Pete Samson.

As reported in Inquisitr over the weekend, Katie Ray David, a former senior member of Modest Management was photographed chaperoning Louis Tomlinson during numerous dates with Eleanor Calder.

Over the course of their recent tour, One Direction and Harry Styles in particular have identified with gay issues. Harry has draped himself in the rainbow flag on numerous occasions and has frequently supported gay charities. Harry has also reached out to gay fans, encouraging them to be themselves and asking fans to be open minded and accepting of same-sex relationships.

Harry and Louis are believed to be behind the band's tour mascot, "Rainbow Bondage Bear." Many of Harry's fans believe that, when the bears appeared in London dressed in wedding dresses with a photograph of Larry Grayson and a message that read "love Larry," Styles was sending the strongest message to date that Larry is real.

The Sony e-mail leak showed clearly just how closely the image of Styles and his band-mates is managed. Many fans believe that One Direction's management want Louis and Harry's relationship covered up for fear of harming the One Direction brand.
The fact that Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson was one of the most talked about relationships of 2015 arguably shows that One Direction fans are open minded and that they are not homophobic. Many fans feel that it is assumed that they are all 12-year-old girls with a boy-band fixation. The fact that Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson's relationship, fictional or not, is examined so thoroughly and critically suggests that One Direction fans are being seriously underestimated.

[Photo by Matt Sayles/Invision/AP]